Claire vs. Petra FD0777 | 21:20
2728 days ago
Eva vs. Chiara FD0775 | 21:33
2728 days ago
Anni vs. Denny FD0774 | 19:04
2734 days ago
Eva vs. Monique FD0772 | 19:06
2735 days ago
Stella vs. Salma FD0761 | 19:19

Catfight in garden - nude. Stella and Salma are both 2014-newcomers in the fighting-dolls-team. Both are strong young women with well-trained sports-bodies and especially redhead Salma is fighting as a new wrestling-jewel.

2748 days ago
Donna vs. Emanuela FD0755 | 17:11
2755 days ago
Stella vs. Susie FD0754 | 18:15

Garden-wrestling nude- pins-only + pins-to-submissions. First garden-wrestling-movie in spring-2014. Strong 2014-newcomer Stella challenge busty blonde 2013-newcomer Susie.

2756 days ago
Crystl vs. Eva FD0750 | 21:29
2762 days ago
Pamela vs. Emanuela FD0748 | 21:38
2763 days ago
Donna vs. Emanuela FD0743 | 19:02

Catfight with the rules „facesitting + headscissors only“ in the studio – with facesitting-bonus at the end. First are long interviews before the match with both wrestlers – Donna and Emanuella both in mini-skirts and tops on the carpet.

2769 days ago
Peggy vs. Kim-Ly FD0742 | 20:35

Peggy gets money from the sponsor to provoke and subsequently dealt with Kim-Ly. Kim-Ly is very combative nature and it is clear that it will be hard fight. This catfight starts slapping and tearing clothes. It's a real fight with hairpulling and minimal use of bodyscissors. Full deployment throughout the fight with the use of facesitting, schoolgirl pin, slapping ,headscissors, hairpulling.

2770 days ago
Mariella vs. Edita FD0741 | 19:39
2770 days ago
Monique vs. Anastasia FD0739 | 22:40

Oil-wrestling-match between 2 attactive strong young women: blonde Anastasia vs dark-haired busty Monique - oil-wrestling - nude.

2770 days ago
Mariella vs. Emanuela FD0738 | 20:11
2776 days ago
Andy vs. Vladka FD0736 | 22:57

Catfight between "fighting-dolls-wrestling-trainer Vladka" and "most-improved-wrestler-last year" blonde Andy - topless - in the fighting-dolls-studio.

2777 days ago
Claire vs. Monique FD0735 | 19:03
2777 days ago
Anastasia vs. Andy FD0732 | 23:08

Anastasia after losing the previous match and Andy provoke Anastasia with slapping to the catfight. In this oil catfight is used grapevine pin, facesitting, breasts mothers to surrender. Andy wants to Anastasia prove that even though she is younger, so it is able to win. This is the dominant one-sided match. The winner humiliates the loser in the end.

2783 days ago
Mariella vs. Monique FD0729 | 19:41

Mariella and Monique are great rivals because they are similar types. In their fight start both girls aggressively from the start. This catfight is a bit unfair, but it is very spontaneous. It is a confrontation between two women, which is trying to humiliate each other and settle, using facesitting, slapping, hairpulling and verbal humiliation. This fight is very aggressive, sometimes brutal. The second part continues on website.

2784 days ago
Andy vs. Roman FD0727 | 18:37

Mixed-wrestling-match topless - pins-and-submission in the studio - one-sided-mixed-match. Blonde Andy is the most-improving-wrestler of the last year - now Andy is one of the best and strongest and most experienced wrestler in the czech fighting-dolls-team.

2784 days ago
Emma vs. Pamela FD0724 | 17:12
2791 days ago
Chiara vs. Denny FD0722 | 22:43
2791 days ago
Mariella vs. Eva FD0718 | 28:44
2798 days ago
Chrissie vs. Monique FD0714 | 16:11
2804 days ago
Eva vs. Edita FD0712 | 18:58
2805 days ago
Andy vs. Pamela FD0711 | 16:50
2805 days ago
Ivy vs. Justina FD0710 | 19:51
2805 days ago
Vladka vs. Claire FD0709 | 18:55
2805 days ago
Eva vs. Vendy FD0707 | 21:19
2812 days ago
Emanuela vs. Kim-Ly FD0706 | 21:03
2811 days ago
Sandra vs. Antonia FD0705 | 19:06
2812 days ago