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Lenora | 24

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Pablo | 20

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Pins counting to 10 and submission. Each point must be different.

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Lenora vs. Pablo
Lenora vs. Pablo
Lenora vs. Pablo
Lenora vs. Pablo
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2020-05-05 14:52:36
This is not one of the best, this is the best mixed wrestling match I've ever seen. Lenora is a true STAR.

2020-05-05 14:47:29
Woooow what a fighttttt !!! I really loved this from the start to the end. Pablo gave everything during the whole match, he is a fighter guy but what a wrestler Lenora is ! I mean she is a true beast. She already killed him, she physically dominated and verbally humiliated him. What can a say, I'm still in shock! Poor Pablo ! She beat him so bad wow wow wow :)) Huge congratulations to Lenora for this amazing performance. Finally I think they should be some rematch without oily mat...

2020-04-28 08:56:29
Jerry, I disargree with u on jane vs pablo. Yea, Jane destroyed francin. I was the one who requested that match and boy did was that a suprise. Francin is much bigger and stonger than pablo, so i think jane would destroy pablo but who knows.

What other girls do u think would be a good matchup for pablo?

2020-04-20 18:30:55
I would like to see Pablo vs Jane also. She beat Francin easily and I think her and Pablo would be a good match.

2020-04-19 11:24:20

I do remember he destroyed isabel in one of his matches. For me i have to count the men amongst the fighters because they also matter. Do agree that FD should add more wrestlers like pablo, per, francin for the lesser experienced and skilled girls. I would love for them to bring back fighters like justina, anna, shannon who was goregous.... For fighters like pablo and etc.

They seem to be fliming matches but at a much slower rate. Maybe they were already pre recorded so who the hell knows. It means that if u put requests in early, when this damn virus is over they will already have it ready to roll.

2020-04-17 11:03:34
Mr Mo

Actually I never put men in my top. Of course if I will, that top rating will become wider and Lenora will fall 2-3 positions.

Agree about Valerian. I saw a lot his very weird matches in other company, perhaps fake, but in FD he is quite good level. Last year I was in live event and saw his match in live vs Isabel. It wasn’t good match for him. But also I’ve bought his match vs KimLy in garden 3013. Great balanced match, he gave her a lot of problems. So if he doing 100%, he is quite serious rival for top girls.

I not really understand about “request “. You mean sponsoring match? I’m sure its impossible now, we should wait 3-4 weeks till they will start filming matches again. If Klara will comeback, of course I would be happy to see her in her mixed debut. Lena now improved a lot, interesting to see her in mixed matches too. Would be good if FD find another man as Pablo level for see more mixed matches of not strong girls.

2020-04-17 10:05:23
Valerian has only lost to edita and kim ly i believe. Very good wrestler.

2020-04-17 09:52:14
Ah actually i forgot to include valerian. I forgot about him. He is DEF a top 5 wrestler. I think he has only lost once. So i would put him in the top 10, probably top 5 easily and i dont think lenora would have a chance in hell against valerian.

2020-04-17 09:49:12
Haha, Well Val I have been sayiing the same thing the entire time basically, so once again, iam proud of u for having a better understanding now lol.

1. U didnt call her one of the best wrestlers, however at the SAME time u also said that u believe only 3 wrestlers can beat her right now and iam assuming that is NOT including marian, rene, jarin, martin. So, if u say on one hand that only 3 can beat her, that would mean u believe she is one of the best wrestlers then. That is a inconsistent comment.

2. I dont believe my comment about her being inconsistent was wrong because, while she has been red hot recently, shes done so mainly against mid tier wrestlers and her recent matches vs mel and luna prove that they may have been even with no clear winner. Luna to me is a top 10 wrestler and mel is somewhere between 10 and 15.

3. For me to change my mind i need to see her beat one of the top dawgs more consistently. We both agree on the top women fighters. Overall tho, i think the top wrestlers INCLUDING men in FD are as follows. Martin, Kim ly, Andy, Ines, Rene, Isabel, Jarin, Bianca, Edita, Luna. I think fighters like mary ann, marian, make up the top 12. If eva, emmaunela, were still fighting i would put them in there as well. Lenora is improving but i dont think she can beat any of those fighters or on a consistent level.

4. Yea, there is no point for u to really continue ur arguing madness lol. Until lenora faces marian, rene, or jarin. She has no chance against martin. But until she faces one of the first 3 with everything included, then we will see. I also hope that u really consider requesting pablo vs klara. I will do pablo vs lena. Really wanna see those two matches first. Hope u consider it.

2020-04-16 15:35:49
Mr Mo, you surprised me too, I see more sense in your new comments, keep up same.

1. My words
“I didn’t call her one of the best at this moment and wrote that only in matches vs really top girls I’m sure that she will lose. Top 5 I mean Andy KimLy Marisa Ines Isabel”.
We have different imagination about current rank in fd, but mainly agree with each other about Lenora, she is not top now, but had everything for it in future.
Only one thing that I completely disagree is “inconsistent”. Both in style and results Lenora can not be described as inconsistent, as Lenora is one of the most stable wretsler in FD at that moment. If you don't see her new matches you will continue to think she's inconsistent and yes, her first months were patchy but that is long in the past now.

2. Totally agree.

3. As I've seen more of her new matches than you, I can say that Lenora is now the same level as Luna MaryAn Edita and Anastasia (girls from your top). But we really can talk about it endlessly, so finish.

4. We are basically writing the same thing here.

In some things we cannot convince each other, but basically we finally reached some kind of understanding, so I suggest to you stop that long feud and just wait new good mixed matches...to begin our feud again :)

2020-04-16 13:29:06
Well Well Well... Mr. Val. I must say that iam proud of u. U seemed to learn how to have a respectful conversation this time around so therefore i will respond to u.

1. Nope you are wrong. I never once said that lenora hasnt improved. Go back and read my comments carefully. I ALWAYS said she has improved, she has more experience, but i ALWAYS felt that she was one of the worst. That is what i did say. When i say i feel she is one of the worst... What i mean by that is she is not a top tier wrestler in my opinion and she still isnt. Does she have the potential? Sure. Is she improving? Obviously. Is she there yet? NOPE. Still too inconsistent to me and she hasnt faced the elite fighters yet. Until that happens then maybe i change my opinion. Due to those reasons my comments werent unfair and i think its inaccurate for u to say shes one of the best when she hasnt faced the BEST yet lol.

2. We do agree on one thing. Pablo. Anna Maria i think he would beat down, however i think sabrina would destroy him. She is similar to ketrin to me but a little bit stronger and much more experience. I think pablo needs one of the weakest girls that are closer to him in weight such as lena, klara, and i do agree with mila. I think those 3 girls would be perfect matches for him and AGAIN, i hope somebody requests that match. None of those girls have been in a mixed match and pablo is the weakest male. Its perfect. I hope someone makes it happen.

3. Like i said before, i will not watch the luna and lenora new match. I also will not match the new lenora and mel match. All i do know is lenora has lost before to them i believe. Luna to me is still a really foot fighters and still very strong. Without question the top women fighters in FD right now are Andy, Kim Ly, Edita, Ines, Isabel, Bianca, Anastasia, Eva, Mary Ann. Luna. The rest are 2nd and 3rd tier fighters to me. Womens fighters retire but then always come back. Emmanuela and Mary Ann have retired and come back several times, so to me unless they stay away for a couple of years then in my book they aint retired fully. I would call em part time wrestlers.

4. U can say whatever the hell u want. I dont care. UNTIL the big fight between rene vs lenora or lenora vs marian happens, i will still have the same opinion, just like u will.


2020-04-16 12:44:19
Yes Mr Mo, I came back for a bit, but just for recommend to you good match, not for argue. Even if you are more fan of mixed matches, her both matches vs Luna worth it that spend a bit more denars. But I not insist.

Your new comment looks a bit better then all your previous, but I will write some notes

1. I can not say result of new their match, because don't want to spoil. I just say that its one more good Lenora’s performance.
I agree Pablo vs Klara or Lena would be great, also I would add Sabrina in that list. Also Mila and Anna-Marina in mixed matches is my dream, but its very unlikely.

2. You told a lot that she improved, but you also for some reasons called her “one of the weakest girl in fd” in your first comment. It was very unfair description. In fd huge number of girls who Lenora can destroy one sided. But good that later you realized that she became much stronger.
No, before Luna and Lenora had only one match couple months ago. Very hard catfighting with all rules, Luna maybe had advantage a bit, but she didnt win. Before it they never met, but of course in 2018 or beginning of 2019 Luna would win. I was crazy fan of Luna about 10 years, but I have doubts that Luna will be able to win her further, even in her current great shape.
New match vs Mel is boxing, I never bought boxing matches, so can not say something.

3. We should wait when FD will start filming matches. Then I think we will see Lenora vs Marian or Rene. I think both matches will be balanced, my predictions I wrote before. Until we see it, we just need to stay with our opinions

2020-04-16 07:20:46
Oh lord look who it is. Val has returned once again after saying he wasnt responding anymore LOL.

1. Did she win the match against luna? Iam not watching that right now because i am waiting for the next mixed match hopefully with pablo vs lena or klara.

2. Once again for like the 10000000th time! Never denied that she has gotten stronger, never denied that she has improved, she has lost to luna before and has lost to the other girls ive mentioned. I saw that she had a match the one u mentioned vs luna and i dont kno if she won or not and i also saw she had a recent match with mel. Dont know if she won that either.

3. U can throw all the numbers out there u want. She has already lost to rene. YES, it was a year ago and YES she has improved since then. HOWEVER, rene has ALSO imrpoved since then. Rene has ALSO gotten alot stronger. Just because she has gotten better doesnt mean other ppl dont LOL. She has a better chance vs marian then she does against jarin, martin or rene.... But once again i dont she can beat ANY of them if ALL rules applied. So far that is a FACT against rene.

Have a nice day.

2020-04-16 00:31:32
Also one interesting statistic. In 2020 Lenora had 17 matches (if not counting boxing matches) and lost only 1 time. Very impressive

2020-04-16 00:02:27
Hello again Mr Mo

Couple days ago was released new Lenora’s match vs Luna 3968. Recommended for you. Great possibility to see how Lenora is strong now and how difficult will be for Marian or Rene vs her

Have a nice day

2020-04-15 15:25:14

Oh wow. Seems to me that good ol johnny boy finally realizes that hes an idiot and he finally realized that this foolish argument was very very stupid. I guess u live in the delusional world of just because a few ppl disagree with u that makes u wrong world huh? My god, you are even dumber than i thought.

I didnt backtrack AT ALL, its not my fight that u hear only what u wanna hear.... But i cant save someone who clearly cant be saved lol. I have been consistent in what ive been saying the entire time.

Once again, just because i dont agree with your dumbass, u feel the need to put words in my mouth just because i wont agree that shes one of the best or that she can beat others that i dont believe she can beat consistently. If anyone backtracked, it was YOU because u went from trying to be respectful, to insults. Then when u lost the argument u went to trying to put words in my mouth. Never was against her improving and gaining more experience, not once did i ever say that was a bad thing. But u clearly just tried to imply that i said that and i never did. Again... Never argue with a village idiot like yourself.

Perhaps u should learn how to have an intelligent conversation without contradictions and hypocritical nonsense. I will pray for u because u clearly need jesus. U just like the other two bimbos have been wrong the entire time and also due to the fact that u try to shove opinions down ppls throats who wont agree wth your uselss ass. I cant help u if u and ur two other delusinal friends of yours cant handle FACTS.

Wish u the best johnny boy and hopefully one day u come out of that delusonal shell that u live in which is called the alternative reality.

2020-04-15 14:38:38
Ah Mr. Mo you certainly are funny. I do feel a bit bad for you. Perhaps I should just allow you to live in your own world and make up whatever logic you'd like. I can't stop you. But here we all know you're wrong. You insulted my friends and all I did was tell you facts.

You also began to backtrack on your arguments because you knew you were wrong. And you still do. You're the one who is mad.

Somehow you think the making progress is impossible and non-existent. Once again, you're in a fantasy world. I think your obsessions are making you forget logic. If you get beaten more recently, you're not as good. Just like a championship belt.

Unfortunately for you Mr. Mo, I won't be responding to any more of your ridiculous arguments or flawed logic. You won't get any more satisfaction. I should feel bad for you, but I really don't.

Goodbye Mr.Mo. Feel free to comment again with more BS, but I won't be reading it. But you're wrong. And everyone knows it.

2020-04-15 08:04:06
@Johnny Boy

Once again, I love how u start off by saying with all due respect, then the second someone is persisent in disagreeing with your dumbass, u begin with the insults lol. People like you are hlarious to me. Not only are u a dumbass, u literally cannot handle when someone else has a different opinion than u.

This is how i know you are stupid as hell. I guess i need to explain this to u slowly, because its CLEAR u cannot comprehend clealy. I never said she hasnt improved, I never said she hasnt hasnt gained more experience.. My main points the entire time was that she cannot beat those women that i mentioned on a CONSISTENT basis. Those woman that i mentioned have ALSO beaten her as well, but again... I wouldnt expect your dumbass to understand that.

Also, nobody gives a damn about ALMOST winning. U either win or u lose. Progress is always important, but at the same time u have to measure QUALITY of opponets consistently before u put lenora against someone like martin, rene, marian. In my opinion , while she HAS improved, which again i never denied, i dont believe she can beat any of those guys and i dont believe she is a top 5 fighter in FD right now. Period.

So again, u and two other ppl can have a different opinion. That just means its possible to have 3 village idiots with misinformed OPINIONS about a topic and congrats to u.. U have qualified as a village idiot. Stop trying to force the issue of a different OPINION and making it about YOU and two people, because if u havent noticed by now... I dont give a damn about your opinion or their opinion. At the end of the day its my opinion, idiots like u cant handle that, then thats your problem. Go to bed johnnyboy.

2020-04-14 23:39:19
***that she beat them, not rather them***

2020-04-14 23:38:38
Lol. You've got to be trolling. That, or you're just dumb. We all disagree with you because you're wrong. Or maybe you're just not watching any matches.

You said this: "i gurantee u she could not beat mary ann, luna, ines, edita, kim ly, marisa, loredana, anastasia, mel, etc."

Meanwhile she has already beat Luna, Anastasia, Loredana, and Mel and has nearly won again Mary Ann and Edita. And she's improved since all of those. She has won nearly every match she's fought in recently.

Don't try to tell me that we're just wrong when it's a fact that she rather them. You look dumb. Stop trying. Not everything is about you or your uneducated opinions.

2020-04-14 18:14:39
@Hey Johnnyboy... I love how u begin your statement by saying with all due respect, but then proceed to call me a troll? LOL. What a clown!

2nd of all. Its obvious u didnt read my comments when it comes to lenora. I never said she hasnt improved, i never said she sucks or anything like that, i simply stated facts on who she lost too and how i view her as a fighter at this current stage.

3. Just like the two other folks whp disagreed with me, you are WRONG just like them. U can have a majority of ppl who view they are right based off a state of opinion doesnt make YOU right. Learn the difference. I also never said lenora hasnt gained more experience since a year ago. I look at the quality of opponets who shes beaten and while she has improved, shes still very inconsistent and just because she has more experience against wrestlers that are WORSE than rene and marian, doesnt mean that she will beat them.

4. Dont talk about judging then calling ppl a troll, dont try and break down what i said when ur clearly wrong and CLEARLY didnt read or understand what i said in my statements. Due to those facts, i cant take YOU seriously. LOL.

2020-04-14 17:15:14
Melisa vs. Pablo (rematch) OR Lenora vs. Pablo (rematch without oil)

2020-04-14 15:53:34
@Koray- Why 2 to 1 against Pablo? He can't beat either of them 1 on 1. He's the one that needs help.

2020-04-14 08:09:14
so, am I getting this right that Pablo is Melisa's boyfriend? Maybe it is time to pit Lenora against Melisa AND Pablo in the same match.

2020-04-14 01:30:24
Mr.Mo with all due respect I think you're wrong. There's a reason why many of us disagree with you. With that being said, you're probably just a troll so I won't put too much effort into this. The one thing that cant be denied is that a year of experience makes a different. Lenora improved substantially over that time so a loss from a long time ago is not always a permanent way to judge.

2020-04-13 09:50:08

1. I dont care if u agree with val or not. You are wrong just like val is.

2. She cannot beat marian if ALL rules applied and this opinion will not change until somebody requests the match.

3. She lost to rene a year ago? So what? She still lost. Stop making excuses. Weak argument.

4. Have a nice day.

2020-04-13 05:13:53
Mr Mo please stop,totally agree with Val, his arguments looks much more solid, especially last comment is great. Good words about Lenora.
Now Lenora can beat Marian, Luna destroed him so hard and Luna vs Lenora is one of the closest matches in FD what I’ve ever seen. So Lenora can destroy Marian same Luna did it. Vs Martin 100% no chance. The last match with Rene was like a year ago and she at that time was weak, but she improved a lot, so in their new match everything is possible

2020-04-13 00:15:36
Jerry, As usual we mostly agree my friend. Nobody is worried about val over here lol. I dont give a damn about his opinion lol. Again, like u said jerry, i never denied that lenora has improved... She def has. My main point was always that i dont think shes one of the best wrestlers amongst the woman. Just my opinion.

I also disagree with u that she could beat rene. I think rene would thrash her. Rene might be the 2nd best male wrestler in fighting dolls now behind martin. However, once again we agree about pablo. The kid has a long way to do, and yes like we both said he has improved, but i said it once and ill say it again.. I really hope he matches up against some of the weaker girls such as Lena and Klara. I think those two girls against him would be very interesting and could be a confidence booster for Mr. Pablo.

I hope somebody requests a match with pablo vs lena and klara soon. I really cant decide who i think would win lol.

2020-04-12 17:23:24
@Mr.Mo and Val- Please stop this argument. Who really cares? One thing is certain. I'm sure you can both agree that Lenora has improved a lot since she lost to Rene. Personally, I think she could beat him now. She's fast, experienced and strong. She's also beautiful and fun to watch.

For the match itself, I hate these matches on a wet mat. I was surprised when Lenora and Pablo were asked at the end if they liked wrestling on a wet mat. Lenora said she liked it. She would have beat Pablo 10-0 if he couldn't have slipped out of her scissors over and over.

I think Pablo improved in this match. He's stronger but I don't know if he's ever going to learn to stay out of head scissors. He'd escape from a painful head scissor and then dive head first into another. Maybe he's not the brightest bulb. Anyhow, this was a nice match and I look forward to more Pablo and Lenora mixed matches.

2020-04-12 16:14:03
First of all, i could care less about what zwallz has to say because my conversation is directed to VAL. Plus, who anyone can say what matches they witnessed then ignore the other matches that she lost, so zwallz point is irrelvant.

Back to u val. Here are more facts for u buddy. 1. Nobody included crystl in this conversation. 2. So just because lenora beat crystl, that gives her a better chance to beat somebody like rene or marian? Are u serious? That is a ridicilous point and quite frankly its laughable. 3. U continue to miss the point. Just because she beat some of these wrestlers one time, doesnt mean she HASNT lost to them before... Fact check.. SHE HAS.

4. Luna has beaten marian MULTIPLE times. That again is another fact for u. Lenora struggled against pablo, got her ass kicked by rene. Luna lost to marian when she was out of shape which is something YOU said lol. So, u just literally betrayed your own logic.

5. So, u seem to be the king of excuses. Every single time i bring up facts of lenora and who she lost to, u always bring up excuses like.. Ohhh that was a year ago or so, oh she wasnt that strong then? But what about the other girls? No excuses for them? Silly argument.

6. Once again, picking wrestlers like crystl in a lousy attempt to justify your pointless argument is just silly. Preparing against average fighters like crystyl does NOT help her at all against superior fighters like rene or marian. No way.

7. Another excuse u made. Bianca. Oh ok, so bianca fighting in other areas and etc is a reason for why lenora has no chance? So other fighters in FD dont do the same thing? Just stop lol.

Like i said, make the match request with lenora and marian so you will be proven wrong. Otherwise, i will not continue this ignorant argument with u because u clearly have n bloody idea what ur talking about.

2020-04-12 13:40:56
Thanks zwallz, but as I wrote before, Its absolutely pointless arguing with person, who is based only on old matches.

Mr Mo, Lenora vs Pablo this is her first match that you saw for the last year, right? Until you see her new matches, you will continue write same nonsense here.

Here new facts for you, you already many times said that Loredana won her. What if I say to you that last 2 their catfightings was very humiliated for Loredana? She couldn’t take at least 1 point in this 2 matches, meanwhile Lenora took almost 10. Loredana is good mid level wrestler, but Lenora already went too far from her. Same situation with Mel.

Now simple logic. Luna destroed Marian with big score. As I said before, Lenora didn’t lose Luna and it was even match. So she is same level with Luna. And you still think that Marian will beat Lenora? Something wrong, right?

Yes Rene won Lenora, but it was more 1 year ago, when Lenora was weaker than Crystl and Mel. This year she destroed Crystl and Mel, it means that she became much better, right? So it means that now she will be much more difficult for Rene. I dont say that she will win,I again repeat that she is ready for worthy match vs him.

Bianca will beat Lenora, because Bianca now very great wrestler. She doing matches in different companies, visits different events, doing a lot sessions. Nothing shame for Lenora if she lose her. But I wont be surprised if in couple years Lenora will be ready for Bianca. She is very purposeful, in great sports shape (and is constantly progressing in this), can be very agressive, has incredible endurance and patience, so she has everything for become top in FD in future. But even her current results are very impressive.

This match already the most commented in FD history. But unfortunately less half of the comments relate to the match. So I stop this endlessly shit and absolutely dont care what you will write in response. I’m sure, it won’t be something reasonable.

2020-04-12 08:52:41
'i gurantee u she could not beat mary ann, luna, ines, edita, kim ly, marisa, loredana, anastasia, mel, etc.'

Just wanted to add to the 'facts' here. I've seen Lenora beat several on this list in convincing fashion.

If the losses cannot be denied then victories shouldn't be either.

2020-04-12 07:45:46
Val, U can stop your endless nonsense. What i also said were facts. The facts were that she has lost to the top girls and she HAS lost to loredana as well. Iam not going to watch those matches u sugguested for the simple reason that i have seen enough matches from her to have the opinion that she isnt one of the strongest fighters.

Add bianca to the list of fighters that would beat her. Martin has lost matches to women on here before. He lost to emmanuela twice and hes lost to ines and andy. He also lost to monqiue as well... So hes not unbeatable.

Once again buddy, lenora is improving but to me she is just OK and def NOT one of the best fighters. Does she have the potential to be? Yes. Is she right now? HELL NO. She has to show more consistency against the top women fighters first before she can convince me of that. By the way, she already wrestled rene and rene kicked her ass by two falls i think. So, another fact. U have ur opinion, I have mine. Be sure to request that match with lenora vs marian and u will be upset when she loses.

2020-04-11 23:55:38
Mr Mo, I suggest you to stop this shit. It’s absolutely pointless, we both write almost same thing many times already and we can’t convince each other. You should really watch matches that I wrote, you definitely won’t call her “one of the weakest girl in FD” after it.
And I repeat again, she destroyed oed Mel and Loredana in her last matches, I saw it with my eyes, this is not a guess, this is fact.
I didn’t say something about Martin, of course he will beat Lenora easily, he is professional sportsman and if he want, he would beat any FD girl easily, even Bianca couldn’t do something vs him.
I didn’t see Jarin matches, but looks like he was balanced vs Marisa, so sure he would beat Lenora too.
We cannot say something about her matches vs Rene or Marian until wont see it. My prediction she will lose Rene balanced, and will win Marian balanced.

2020-04-11 20:32:47
Again val, u claim she wasnt losing against the stronger girls OR average girls. That isnt true when u loo at ALL of her matches. She has lost to several girls she should of beaten and she usually loses to stronger girls.

Like i said before because u obviously misread what i said... She is NOT a top 5 fighter and i gurantee u she could not beat mary ann, luna, ines, edita, kim ly, marisa, loredana, anastasia, mel, etc.

Just because she has improved which she has, doesnt mean she hasnt lost to alot of the top girls before and she has.

She literally struggled with pablo for the first 10 min or so of this match and she would get destroyed by martin, jarin, rene, and she would lose to marian if all the rules were in place.

2020-04-11 05:08:51
I agree with Val, Lenora at that moment very serious level and has everything for be in one of the best in couple years. I think she now ready for Rene, and her endurance will help her to win Marian

2020-04-10 19:23:53
To remark that this fight has two handicaps: 1) the surface is wet due to water and 2) each point must be different. First half of the time is a Lenora's head-scissors onslaught. Pablo's head is wrapped, over and over, by Lenora's beautiful, muscled legs. She fights very aggressively throughout the match; but Pablo, who also has his chances, does not give up easily. Pins are hard to fix due to the slippery floor. At the end, some domination, interviews and arm-wrestling.
A good battle to watch with a great Lenora in the attack and a great Pablo in the defense. I, particullary, do not like slippery surfaces (oil. water..), because the fighters cannot develope their skills completely.

2020-04-10 11:34:46
I recommend you to watch Lenora’s last matches vs Donna 3954, Anastasia 3915, Euforia 3905, Luna 3881, MaryAnn 3973, Edita 3784.

Mr Mo, from this 6 matches Lenora lost only 2. Both of this matches were even, with minimal score and winner was determined only at the end. This girls (except Donna) are serious level and follow the top 5. If you attentively read my comments, you should see that I didn’t call her one of the best at this moment and told that only in matches vs really top girls I’m sure that she will lose. Top 5 I mean Andy KimLy Marisa Ines Isabel, but as nothing clear about Andy and Marisa future in fd, I would call it top 3. So only 3 girls at this moment in FD who definitely would beat Lenora.
So we both think that she is not one of the best now (I sure she will there soon), but she also not one of the weakest, as you wrote in your first comment.

“Eva is one of the strongest girls in fighting dolls history”. I like Eva and watched her matches from DWW time. And felt very shit when she retired. But I would refer her to the category of wrestlers that Lenora has already outgrown.

Marian very surprised me in last year event match vs Luna, It perhaps one of the best mixed match I ever seen, but it was balanced only because of Luna just came back after injury and was in bad shape. I didn’t buy his match vs Loredana, but looks like he had a lot problems vs her. I saw what Lenora did with Loredana in last match, so I really cannot imagine how Marian can win Lenora. I would very like to see that match, but not sure that FD filming matches at that moment. But when situation will be better, I will definitely make request for Lenora-Marian.

2020-04-10 09:14:52
Val, I never denied that she is improving. However, all of the girls that u listed she has lost to ATLEAST several times regardless of WHEN it took place. Yes, she is improving, but a loss is a loss my friend.

U dont know if eva didnt retire and they fought again that she would beat her... So i highly doubt that. Eva is one of the strongest girls in fighting dolls history, so i just cant see that. Shes def not top 5 and i dont think shes even top 10 either.

Improving, yes. One of the best? NO. Could she beat marian? HELL NO. If u think she can beat marian then why not make a request? I bet u she wont.

2020-04-09 06:04:08
Mr Mo, you perhaps saw only Lenora’s matches from 2018 and beginning if 2019. In those times Mel, Crystl, Eva Loredana really won her, but she already took revenge (with Eva no, but only because Eva retired). In last matches Lenora destroyed them one sided.
Sonia won Lenora only in first match 1,5 years ago. Their new match was balanced only because of rules (pins to submission only). Sonia is my favorite girl here, but I admit that with all rules with scissors Lenora would beat her easily. Even Anastasia nothing could do with Lenora’s scissors.
I recommend you to watch Lenora’s last matches vs Donna 3954, Anastasia 3915, Euforia 3905, Luna 3881, MaryAnn 3973, Edita 3784. You will definitely will change your mind about her current level after that.
She improving very fast, maybe she is not top 5 at that moment, but I’m sure that she will be worthy rival for Kimly in 1-1,5 years.

Rene now is very strong and would win her, but not easy. Judging by Marian new match vs Luna, he wouldn’t have chances vs Lenora.

2020-04-09 05:41:30
Pablo wanted to avenge his girlfriend, humiliated by Lenora in a previous fight and made to cry. So he decided to do everything in his power to win, but in the heat of the match somehow forgot that pinning a wet and flexible female body on a wet mat is very difficult, he also got distracted and did not pull her hair as she pulled his, and overall dispair took over after he realised that he will lose to her. This time Pablo seemed to really get upset by losing to a girl and decided to wait for Lenora backstage for an armwrestling challenge. She accepted right away and locked hands with him fresh out of the shower.

2020-04-08 17:09:31
However i will say again when it comes to pablo. I really hope the next mixed match is pablo vs klara or lena. I think that would be a very EVEN match. I really really hope fighting dolls makes this happen somehow.

2020-04-08 17:07:31
Val, we mostly agree on the outcome of this match... However i dont kno what ur talng about? I believe leonora is a decent fighter but shes is not one of the best. Sonia beat her ass and i believe loredana has beaten her a couple of times as well. I think eva has also beaten her as well. I dont think shes better than edita, mary ann, luna, eupohria, loredana, sonia, kim ly, andy, anastasia, mel, ines, isabel and etc. I dont even think she could beat marisa either.

In a mixed match i thought rene would destroy her and i think marian would beat her as well. I think shes Ok, but more towards the lower tier of fighters in my opinion. Sometimes she is waaaay too shy and not aggressive enough and struggles against thicker girls who are more aggressive.

2020-04-08 14:25:21
For me this is fighting-dolls best match so far. It shows a good and equal fight in the beginning where it is clear the girl has the better stamina.
Lenora looks smoking hot in her outfit and maybe Pablo got a bit distracted being trapped between her legs all the time.
The humiliation finish makes it perfect. Great work.

2020-04-08 01:18:25
Great, but skip the oil... doesn't add anything in competitive matches since it means a lot of slipping out of holds and too much back-and-forth...

I'd be interested in seeing them have a rematch without the oil as Pablo seemed to be able to slip out of many of her holds

2020-04-07 14:18:38
Great match. I thought Lenora would destroy Pablo more. Pablo has improved and in the first half could escape from any of Lenora's holds. He also wasn't as helpless as in his matches with Sonia or Ketrin. However he still hasn't enough technique and couldn't capitalise on the moments he had. As usual Lenora is very hot and performs a great humiliation scene at the end. Lenora definitely needs revenge vs Rene, or a match vs Marian. She's now ready for them.

Mr. Mo, I partially agree with you but what are you talking about when you call Lenora " one of the weaker fighters in FD"? Did you see her last matches? She has made great progress in the last year. At the moment only top girls like Kim Ly, Ines and Isabel can beat her. While even Luna and Euphoria have been unable too.

2020-04-07 12:25:53
Very good match. Both are inexperienced and lenora is one of the weaker fighters in FD. This was a very competitve match i would say for the first 10 to 15 minutes for sure. Seems like pablos toughness has gotten better and it looks like he got a little bit bigger in the weight room.

HOWEVER, the same issue with pablo continues. His inexperience and he doesnt have enough power in his legs yet. He still doesnt know how to FINISH when he has good position and it cost him in this match... AGAIN.

After a very good battle in the beginning, lenora started to take over and use the wet floor to he advantage. She doesnt have the strongest legs but they were just enough to eventually wear pablo down. She is very cocky, fiesty, and showed she is more than a friendly nerd like she did in her first mixed match against rene. She eventually began to destroy him due to more expeience, her long legs was beginning to make pablo tired, then she found his weaknesses and finished him. Great first mixed match win for lenora.

FIGHTING DOLLS. PLEASE do a match with pablo vs lena. Or pablo vs klara. Both of those ladies are the weakest girls in fighting dolls and pablo is obviously the weakest man in fighting dolls. Him against lena or klara would be a VERY good match. Pleaseee make it happen.