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Anna-Maria vs. Tanima FD2123 / 18:14

The two youngsters Anna Maria and Tanima meet for a water cat fight. Anna Maria wears a tight white mini dress, Tanima a short jeans skirt and a white top.

2539 days ago
Mel vs. Vera FD2115 / 18:11

Vera and Mel both are very cocky and dominant girls. The have a catfight on the watered mat, starting in mini dresses.

2546 days ago
Kamelia vs. Vera FD2088 / 17:46

These two young newbies have a catifight in the bedroom. Vera wears a green dress, Kamelia mini skirt and a top.

2566 days ago
Sabrina vs. Tilde FD2065 / 26:53

Newcomer Tilde so far showed an impressive start, time for her to fight against the stronger ones.

2581 days ago
Filomen vs. Mary-Ann FD2055 / 27:11

Pins counting to 5 and submission. Balanced fight and result.

2588 days ago
Alice vs. Kira FD2054 / 24:03

Pins to submission and submission.

2588 days ago
Beata vs. Jane FD2035 / 24:15

This is a catfight between two of the mature FD girls, Beata and Jane. The intro first shows Beata talking to Loredana about her next opponent.

2602 days ago
Sabrina vs. Sharon FD1998 / 24:28

Pins counting to 10 and submission, no scissors.

2630 days ago
Emanuela vs. Luna FD1968 / 19:20

Submission only.

2651 days ago
Anastasia vs. Beata FD1966 / 18:57

They never fought before, Anastasia is much more experienced and tells Beata that she will beat her.

2651 days ago
Eva vs. Kim-Ly part no. 1 FD1959 / 24:19

In the first part fighting the girls in catfight, submission only and second part in facesitpins and headscissors only.

2657 days ago
Andy vs. Mary-Ann FD1955 / 23:50

Submission only. Fighting Dolls October Event 2016.

2658 days ago
Lucy vs. Vera FD1934 / 20:32

Final match part no. 1. This is a catfight tournament between 4 schoogirls. In the first match will clash Lucy vs Kira and Vera vs Sabrina.

2672 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Vladka part no. 1 FD1920 / 22:04

In the first part fighting the girls in catfight, submission only and second part in facesitpins and headscissors only.

2686 days ago
Kira vs. Lucy FD1889 / 23:35

Kira and Lucy, two of the smaller but very tough girls meet in school girl uniforms.

2707 days ago
Sharon vs. Vera part no. 1 FD1879 / 28:08

In the first part fighting the girls in catfight, submission only and second part in facesitpins and headscissors only.

2714 days ago
Eva vs. Vera FD1851 / 21:45

Submission only. The rules for Eva: submission only, no bodyscissors. The rules for Vera: all permited.

2735 days ago
Donna vs. Mariella FD1842 / 22:02

Submission only, no scissors. One sided match.

2742 days ago
Doris vs. Vera FD1779 / 23:55

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2784 days ago
Mariella vs. Sharon FD1778 / 21:41
2784 days ago
Doris vs. Loredana FD1753 / 24:10

Oil often results in very soft and erotic matches, but the facial expression of Loredana and Doris whilst oiling tells another story.

2804 days ago
Sharon vs. Vera FD1736 / 20:25

Vera already has a reputation as a cocky, trash talking girl and proves this again, when she meets Sharon in the garden.

2812 days ago
Andy vs. Kim-Ly FD1715 / 23:51

First 10 minutes wrestling, facesitting, headscissors and chinpull to submission only. Second part 10 minutes slapping catfight, submission only. Balanced fight and result.

2826 days ago
Anni vs. Kira FD1667 / 26:39

What a contrast: Anni, statuesque blonde, perfect styling, long fingernails vs Kira, a girl next door type who is known to be a tough wrestler.

2861 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Mel FD1662 / 21:46

Submission only.

2868 days ago
Justina vs. Lucy FD1650 / 24:08

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2875 days ago
Denny vs. Mariella FD1613 / 22:42
2902 days ago
Edita vs. Salma FD1610 / 21:49

Submission only.

2903 days ago
Eva vs. Mel FD1602 / 22:00

After a long time both girls struggling in catfight.

2910 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Salma FD1578 / 24:14

This is the match between the two great rivals .During the fight you will see a real quarrel

2924 days ago
Edita vs. Kim-Ly FD1574 / 22:02

Kim-Ly not make the same submission, each point must be different.

2931 days ago
Anni vs. Sharon FD1565 / 20:14

This is a very intense and fast with somebody slapping catfight. Both girls after some time again started doing matches with hairpulling.

2937 days ago
Edita vs. Luna FD1544 / 29:55

Luna is heavier and therefore both girls agreed that Edita will to do all the wrestling grips but Luna without bodyscissors.

2951 days ago
Isabel vs. Zamira FD1515 / 22:29

Submission only. This movie continues on

2973 days ago
Eva vs. Kim-Ly FD1483 / 31:24

This is the rematch match that had both girls before 167 days FD-1246. In this match did nobody any submission.

3001 days ago
Justina vs. Tanima FD1480 / 21:56

No scissors.

3001 days ago
Mariella vs. Mel FD1448 / 26:44

Mel wants revenge for last catfight with Mariella and you'll see if it succeeds. Mariella is currently very aggressive and win all her fights.

3028 days ago
Justina vs. Loredana FD1411 / 24:34

10 minutes wrestling, 10 minutes catfight.

3056 days ago
Edita vs. Zamira FD1403 / 17:05

After a short but real boxing begins very aggressive slapping catfight. Previous match of both opponents ended of an argument and one of the girls cried.

3063 days ago
Luna vs. Vladka FD1390 / 24:43

4 girls catfight tournament between Kim-Ly, Andy, Luna, Vladka. Match for the 3rd place.

3071 days ago
Emanuela vs. Monique FD1366 / 21:01

Mutual catfight of both girls were released about 3 months ago and Monique won. Girls wanted re-match. Submission only, chinlock.

3091 days ago
Luna vs. Andy FD1364 / 23:48

4 girls catfight tournament between Kim-Ly, Andy, Luna and Vladka. Winners of the first round will compete in the final and the losers for 3rd place.

3092 days ago
Isabel vs. Monique FD1315 / 21:35

Submission only, chinlock.

3126 days ago
Miranda vs. Mel FD1310 / 23:00

Submission only garden catfight. Chinlock.

3127 days ago
Miranda vs. Salma FD1308 / 20:26

Submission only slapping catfight. Fighting Dolls Spring Event 2015.

3133 days ago
Andy vs. Luna FD1305 / 21:52

First 10 min. wrestling, submission only. Second 10 min. catfight, submission only.

3134 days ago
Sharon vs. Tanima FD1303 / 22:58

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

3134 days ago
Isabel vs. Monique FD1269 / 20:16
3155 days ago
Edita vs. Monique FD1267 / 31:06
3161 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Vladka FD1265 / 17:36

Balanced fight and result.

3162 days ago
Romi vs. Sharon FD1236 / 23:17
3182 days ago
Emma vs. Mel FD1231 / 21:53
3183 days ago
Edita vs. Kim-Ly FD1202 / 17:42

Edita has a very hard onset, she knows that Kim-Ly is very strong. She gets her in the scissors and it looks she surrenders. One sided match.

3204 days ago
Andy vs. Miranda FD1184 / 22:41
3218 days ago
Miranda vs. Salma FD1166 / 26:15
3232 days ago
Denny vs. Justina FD1136 / 22:45
3253 days ago
Emanuela vs. Kim-Ly FD1130 / 21:12

Emanuella is in the last matches very strong. In this tense catfight, which looks Eva is equally rival for Kim-Ly.

3259 days ago
Linda vs. Mariella FD1078 / 20:22
3295 days ago
Pamela vs. Linda FD1060 / 19:36
3308 days ago
Crystl vs. Susie FD0961 / 19:20

From beginning to end this catfight is very fast and aggressive. Susie puts Crystl long schoolgirlpinz that pass to facesitting and she reached the first submition.

3392 days ago
Crystl vs. Mariella FD0881 / 21:34

This is a very emotional and very very sexy catfight with a lot of trash talk. Both girls use facesitting and breastsmothers. Since the second half of the fight are both girls naked.

3470 days ago
Eva vs. Claire FD0803 / 26:03

Both girls have the cheek to cheek say what they think about each. Everyone wants to deal with a rival. Eva told me once, she needs a really strong rival, that it made ​​her aggression.

3554 days ago
Chiara vs. Emma FD0793 / 19:36
3567 days ago
Mariella vs. Emanuela FD0738 / 20:11
3630 days ago
Claire vs. Monique FD0735 / 19:03
3631 days ago
Anastasia vs. Andy FD0732 / 23:08

Anastasia after losing the previous match and Andy provoke Anastasia with slapping to the catfight. In this oil catfight is used grapevine pin, facesitting, breasts mothers to surrender. Andy wants to Anastasia prove that even though she is younger, so it is able to win. This is the dominant one-sided match. The winner humiliates the loser in the end.

3637 days ago
Emanuela vs. Zamira FD0726 / 20:33

After a short storyline and trash talk gaining the upper hand Emanuela. Zamira needs to be provoked by a good performance, it also becomes. Catfight begins to be aggressive and 100% real. This fight is long balanced and has a lot of headscissors, breasts mothers, bodypress. Let yourself be surprised who wins in the end.

3644 days ago
Edita vs. Peggy FD0695 / 22:13
3679 days ago
Emanuela vs. Eva FD0685 / 20:49
3687 days ago
Kim-Ly and Claire vs. Petra FD0661 / 22:45
3715 days ago
Andy vs. Claire FD0656 / 23:19
3722 days ago
Eva vs. Mel FD0605 / 21:08
3784 days ago
Eva vs. Pia FD0598 / 20:57
3792 days ago
Claire vs. Kim-Ly FD0563 / 22:16
3833 days ago
Ella vs. Crystl FD0546 / 21:33
3848 days ago
Justina vs. Mariella FD0545 / 22:55

Balanced fight and result.

3854 days ago
Mariella vs. Susie FD0538 / 18:54

Balanced fight and result. This movie continues on

3862 days ago
Denny vs. Crystl FD0517 / 18:01
3883 days ago
Mariella vs. Mandy FD0462 / 21:38

Balanced fight and result.

3932 days ago
Claire vs. Mary-Ann FD0410 / 20:29
3988 days ago
Emma vs. Crystl FD0409 / 20:37
3988 days ago
Mel vs. Verona FD0399 / 20:20

Balanced fight and result.

3995 days ago
Zamira vs. Chrissie FD0395 / 18:20
4002 days ago
Pamela vs. Sandra FD0381 / 20:12

This movie continues on

4016 days ago
Pamela vs. Anastasia FD0378 / 15:36

This movie continues on

4016 days ago
Eva vs. Verona FD0374 / 27:46
4023 days ago
Chrissie vs. Monique FD0359 / 16:46

This movie continues on

4037 days ago
Verona vs. Denny FD0342 / 22:36
4058 days ago
Pamela vs. Peggy FD0302 / 20:25
4093 days ago
Anni vs. Zamira FD0294 / 20:33
4100 days ago
Mario vs. Donna FD0228 / 21:02
4156 days ago
David vs. Pamela FD0224 / 18:57
4163 days ago
Andre vs. Tiffany FD0187 / 18:24
4205 days ago
Pietro vs. Kim-Ly and Anastasia FD0182 / 24:16

Special match, in which Pietro alternately fighting against Kim-Ly and Anastasia. This match continues in FD0183 movie...

4212 days ago
Claire vs. David FD0140 / 20:43
4261 days ago
Luna vs. Mickey FD0134 / 20:54

Fighting dolls March Event 2012

4269 days ago
Renata vs. Roman FD0108 / 23:06
4296 days ago
Sandra vs. Pietro FD0107 / 22:25
4296 days ago
Tomas vs. Pamela FD0079 / 20:23
4323 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. David FD0049 / 21:40
4346 days ago