Friday-team-picture: standing – behind – from left: Monique + Anastasia + Edita + Andy + Chiara + Justina, on knees: Claire + Susie + Chrissie + Crystl

Saturday-team-picture: standing – behind – from left: Susie + Sonia + Salma + Edita + Stella + Zamira, on knees: Anni + Chrissie + Donna + Chiara

Fighting dolls Spring Live Event 2014 Report (part no. 1)

This weekend fighting-dolls organized a very entertaining spring-live-event in Brno in the fighting-dolls-studio. We enjoyed many many outstanding live-fights – and it was a fantastic and also different wrestling-program in front of the audience! One of the best wrestling-events in Brno ever!

It was a really good mixture with catfights incl. some slapping and hairpulling + wrestling-matches + mixed-matches + jeans-fights. The absolutely highlight for most of the event-guests was the totally even p+s-wrestling-match Andy vs Claire!!! WOW – what a speed and what an ambition + what an endurance and strenght on the mat + what a great offensive-wrestling-style – especially from Claire offensive nonstop!!! The BEST BEST BEST wrestling-match of the year 2014 until now!!!

Claire and Andy are both fantastic and experienced and very strong wrestlers yet – and this was an unbelievable fast and GREAT wrestling-match – one of the rounds with high-speed on the mat was ca. 15 minutes without a rest! Both never want to give up easily – the advantages were changing lots of times in this outstanding event fight. And after this totally intensively and hard wrestling-fight they also had a long and even arm-wrestling-contest!

In ALL matches was a real rivalry between the girls – and in most of the matches also wonderful emotions on the mat – and in the faces of the girls. There were also some big surprises in some matches – some of the girls improved a lot since last event – especially Monique + Emma + Peggy.

And ALL 3 newcomers are excellent new-founds! Chiara + Salma + Stella are all very strong and talented sports-athletes with well trained muscular sports-bodies. It is only a matter of time and a bit more experience when these 3 new sports-girls are in the TOP-10-list of fighting-dolls! In some weeks/months these 3 newcomers are ready to beat lots of the actually more experienced FD-girls.

22 girls in the live-program

Kim-Ly + Anastasia + Andy + Anni + Chiara + Chrissie + Claire + Crystl + Denny + Donna + Edita + Emanuella + Eva + Emma + Monique + Justina + Peggy + Salma + Sonia + Stella + Susie + Zamira = 22

Available for private mixed-sessions: Cathy + Mariella + Petra + Sandra + Vanessa + Vladka

Altogether 28 fighting-dolls-girls were available/ready for matches at the FD-spring-event-2014!

comeback-girls: Anastasia + Edita + Emanuella + Monique
NEW girls: Chiara + Salma + Stella (first live-event for them)
most live-matches this spring-event had: comeback-girl Edita with 4 live-matches

The audience was again international with female-wrestling-fans from all over the world – from USA + Germany + France + Spain + Italy + England + Norway + Austria

21 live-matches altogether: 16 wrestling-matches + 3 catfights + 2 mixed-matches

Friday – matches:

Event-opening from Emanuella

  1. Anastasia vs Monique
  2. Crystl vs Donna
  3. Denny vs Susie
  4. Kim-Ly vs Edita – wrestling-match of the generations – comeback-live-match from Edita after 7 years

    Team-Photo friday-girls

  5. Andy vs Chrissie – catfight – Andy in long-jeans – this catfight started between the audience ;-)
  6. Justina vs Chiara (NEW-girl)
  7. Anastasia vs Claire
  8. Monique vs Peggy
  9. Crystl vs Emanuella – catfight
  10. Edita vs Eva – in long-jeans
  11. Kim-Ly vs Marian – mixed

Saturday – matches:

Event-opening from Eva

  1. Andy vs Claire – wrestling-match of the event ! – BEST and most intensively match in 2014 !!!
  2. Emma vs Justina
  3. Donna vs Zamira – catfight – in hot sexy outfit
  4. Anni vs Susie


  5. Chrissie vs Edita
  6. Eva vs Stella (NEW-girl)
  7. Emma vs Sonia – in jeans-shorts
  8. Chiara vs Zamira (NEW-girl)
  9. Denny vs Salma (NEW-girl)
  10. Edita vs Marco – mixed

Saturday-evening/night: dinner-party incl. 17 fighting-dolls-wrestlers in their evening-dress – incl. very funny and entertaining arm-wrestling-contest between girls vs guests!