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Nikki | 34

Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Topless

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Pablo | 20

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4/5 (14 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins counting to 5 and submission. One sided match.

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Nikki vs. Pablo
Nikki vs. Pablo
Nikki vs. Pablo
Nikki vs. Pablo
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2020-07-16 22:07:54
@Xanderx, I agree with everything u said. Would u also like to see pablo vs the girls who havent had a mixed match yet?

2020-07-16 20:15:09
Mr.Mo, what is too funny ! Is it the discussion of two men who are arguing with you before ?

2020-07-16 19:28:26
Keram34 First I didn’t say anything like you said, I just wanted to mention what a great product Crystl vs. Pablo match is ! I asking you, Is This Wrong ? And also you told me that I must leave here, right ? Ok I’m leaving but first you must go to the forum now and read to all of my comments about you and your sponsorship, ok ? Finally I didn’t use any word like “fuck off” for you.

2020-07-16 18:52:41
This was a good match. I really like Nikki. Compact, powerful body, skilled and has a great attitude. Can't wait to see her take on more experienced opponents.

2020-07-16 18:30:00
Lock , when you're at the top of mixed of this web and you think better mixed isn't done anymore, so fuck off

2020-07-16 18:19:20
LOL. This is too funny

2020-07-16 18:10:47
Dang, Lock got straight booted by the owner of FD/DWW/

2020-07-16 15:51:43
Keram34 Are you owner this site Or are you ceo of FD ?

2020-07-16 14:24:18
Lock, so you must leave this site

2020-07-16 12:23:14
There were 26 very good mixed matches in 2020 but for me the best one of 2020 was between Crystl vs. Pablo and I don’t think it will be another match that can reach the quality of this match.

2020-07-16 10:03:02
The new girl nikki is tough, alot stronger than she looks on the pics, and seems to be pretty skilled. A much better male opponent would of been better for niiki. Someone like marian or merlin would of been a much better matchup for her in my opinion. She was waaaaaaaaaaay too experienced for pablo. Once again, there was a good part of this match where pablo was actually in control, but when he had the control, he didnt know what to do with it, especially with his leg scissors. He just doesnt know how to FINISH with his scissors yet, then he just gets tired and the girls has more stamina than him and just wear him down. This happaned with lenora, crystyl, lucy.

So, i feel like pablo is getting closer to a win. However, like ive said in the past, i really think its time for pablo to go against the new or weaker girls. I believe lena would be the perfect match for him. That would be my number 1 choice and i actually think that pablo could beat lena. If not lena, then i think someone like kayla, ganet, jasmina, anna maria, bonie, klara... if shes recovered from her injury, bonita, laura,. All of those girls have never done a mixed match before, and i think all of those girls would be perfect matches for pablo so he can gain confidence. If none of those girls want to do a mixed match, which i understand, then i would love to see pablo in a rematch vs ketrin or loredana. Pablo just isnt ready to fight against the stronger and more experienced girls yet, so those girls that i named i think would be perfect, especially lena.