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Mel | 35

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Pablo | 20

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Pins and submission.

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Mel vs. Pablo
Mel vs. Pablo
Mel vs. Pablo
Mel vs. Pablo
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2020-06-01 05:09:36
Gentleman, in the coming days you will see on this site a very aggressive match between Lenora Merlin and Lenora Ines, of course sponsored

2020-05-31 21:16:16
First of all, no they arent FD fighters.. They are actually the managers of FD that actually create the custom matches u request. I guess u didnt understand that.

Second of all, YES, I have paid for SEVERAL custom videos, again... Stop talking out of ur ass in some weird reality that u live in. The person i spoke to when i made the match requests was always marek. So again, just because YOU dont believe it, doesnt mean it didnt happen. I know it happaned and i know what was said. So does marek.

I have nothing else to say to u. You have literally wasted 3 days of my time.

Believe me or u dont. I dont care. I know i was told ATLEAST once that lena and klara were available for a mixed match at one time. Period.

2020-05-31 20:01:30
And which FD members they are, I would be interested.So ask them on support or info FD and write us here what they answered.So try paying for some custom video as I do.Have you ever paid something when you have a mouthful of speech and you invent nonsense that is unfeasible.

2020-05-31 18:35:06
@Keram once agan you make up shit outta ur ass. Mel said she isnt currently available for mixed match which i said is fine, since some of the girls change their minds all the time between mixed and other matches which is fine.

I didnt hear from mel that klara and lena were once available for a mixed match. Once upon a time they were and i actually have PROOF of it. So, again keram... Stop living in your alternative world that doesnt exist, since u cannot tell me what was told to me from FD members that create the fights.


2020-05-31 15:41:42
Thanks Mel, but please explain to Mr.Mo that Lena was never available for mixed and we will end this discussion in which someone does not live in reality.Thank you

2020-05-31 09:37:07
@Mel okay than you... My point to keram was she has been available to mixed fights before. It was never impossible. Sometimes fighters want to do mixed fight, sometimes they dont and thats fine... It changes alot in the requests that ive made.

I didnt know klara broke her nose! That sucks! I wish her a fast recovery!!

2020-05-31 07:08:32
I'm sorry but lena mix doesn't fight and klara has stopped fighting through a broken nose ..

2020-05-30 23:57:22
Lockie, That is the very first thing we have agreed on. Miracles do happen hahaha.

2020-05-30 21:52:18
Keram34 and Mr.Mo please stop! Ok we all have an different opinions and I know that everything changes. Who knows may be we'll discover something new except our demands...;)

2020-05-30 21:22:43
Keram, u create things without factual evdence. U do realize that when you request matches u ask for which fighters u would like in a sponspored match. I have done this several times and usually before i do that, i always ask which wrestlers are available for a mixed match. On atleast two different occasions,, lena and klara have been available in the past and this was less than a year ago.

So again, mel answered about pablo and what she was training with him, she didnt answer anything about lena or klara. U dont have facts to your statements, u create stores because its not your preference. Get over it buddy.

2020-05-30 12:10:45
Mr.Mo we will ask Mel again on the forum, here you invent matches that are not real with Lena and Klara.You have your fantasies and you discuss about things that will never happen

2020-05-30 07:36:52
Keram, Why dont u understand that u have no factual proof or evidence that she wont or isnt willing to do so? You are living in your own reality, not a factual one.

2020-05-30 05:05:57
Mr.Mo, why don't you understand that Lena will never do mixed wrestling.You're living in some afantasy

2020-05-29 09:22:27
@Val, Wow we actually agree lol. I think pablo is the worst wrestler and is strugglng now for sure obviously... He really reminds me of rene when he first started out. Similar early growing pains with technique, lack of strength and etc. He has been getting better lately though, which is why i think the other fighters would be perfect for him right now.

I never thought about sabrina as a match for him, but when i think about it, i wouldnt be mad at that either. She hasnt been in a mixed match in a while. Also, glad to see u and jerry agree with me on lena being a good opponet for a mixed match. Her and pablo would be perfect.

2020-05-29 01:18:21
Scarface427, I didn't spot any grapevine pin by Mel in this match.

2020-05-28 22:56:50
To those that watched it, does Mel pin him with a grapevine or does only Pablo use that hold?

2020-05-28 12:56:35
Mel, it was great performance from you. Especially second point, it was one of the best moment in mixed matches, what I ever seen.
I hope you are back in mixed matches for long. Also should say that your trainings with Pablo definitely bring results. I think in 1 one year he will be good rival for you, Sonia and other same level girls.

I think Sabrina is perfect for Pablo now. If she beat him too, Lena really should try mixed match, because she improved a lot last year. Her aggression and her insidiousness will help her be worthy vs guy who noticeable bigger her.

2020-05-27 23:05:16
@Lockie, AKA Lockie the whiner. You worry about me too much. Find something else better to do than to annoy me because i dont agree with u.

2020-05-27 22:54:41
Mr.Mo at least I'm not moaning like you, Mr.Moaning.

2020-05-27 22:21:17
@Lockie, Make your fantasy come true and get your rematch of pablo with melissa or pablo vs lenora in a rematch so u can have a drink and chill out so your fantasy is fulfilled.

2020-05-27 22:20:14
@Pinto, yes that is what i meant to say. Nobody is upset here. However, if u go back and calmly read your statement, u will see that u said what are u people talking about? The people who just so happen to disagree with u, know what they are talking about, but they just disagree with YOU. That is all.

2020-05-27 20:06:54
Mr.Mo make your fantasy come true and be sponsor for Klara vs. Pablo match !!! Then everyone take a deep breath...

2020-05-27 19:49:58
Mr.Mo, just for the record I never said "what is wrong with you people", of course it would be offensive as it would sound a little personal but if you go back and read my message calmly you will read "I don't know what you people are talking about" which simply means I don't agree with your interpretation of the match, that's all.

2020-05-27 19:41:07
Keram, sure there are some girls that dont want to do mixed matches and thats okay. Everyone is different... But your reality is wrong. I dont believe klaras recent posted matches are only archived matches. Plus, i know for a 100 pct fact that klara has been available for a mixed match before.

Just because it doesnt say mixed on the site, doesnt mean they dont do them all the time. If it happens, it happens. If not, then not. Just a preference in my opinion for Mr. Pablo.

2020-05-27 19:03:59
Mr Mo, these are your fantasies, on this site are girls who have never done mixed fights and will not do it.In my opinion, Klára's last matches are archive videos that are only released on Saturday

2020-05-27 18:55:02
Really enjoyed the match!! Such a delight to see Mel teaches Pablo a lesson. Keep it up FD and all the love to Mel ❤

2020-05-27 18:43:01
@Keram. No i have never seen lena or klara in a mixed match. Thats the point, i would like to because nobody knows how they would do against a guy and nobody knows if they want to. That is just specualtion.

Lena has been very active lately and i have seen klara with some pretty recent matches uploaded as well, so i dont think shes inactive from how it looks. Also, iam pretty sure i have seen atleast one of them willing to do a mixed match before but it never happaned for whatever reason. So, because of those reasons and because pablo needs all the experience he can get right now, thats why i think they would be a good match.

2020-05-27 18:40:08
@Lockie.. First of all watch your words. I wasnt being rude at all. You are over exaggerating a point just because i dont agree with what YOU want. Not only is that childish, its disrespectful. Also, you literally ignored pintos comment when he said to folks like jerry as well when he said what is wrong with you ppl? But lockie, u didnt say anything about that comment now did u?

So again, stop with the ignorance just because i dont agree with you. Thats not how it works with me if u wanna have a respectful conversation. Notice i took no issue at all with what jerry, keram or serj said. I disagreed but respected their opinion. It wasnt until pinto said what is wrong with you people, but u clearly ignored that comment. So next time u accuse someone of being rude, tell the WHOLE story. Thanks.

As far as lena and klara, Just because YOU dont think its a good matchup, doesnt mean i or maybe some others might. Your opinion is ONLY your opinion.

2020-05-27 12:33:57
I agree with Keram34 and Pinto. I bought all Melissa,Sonia,Ketrin,Lenora and Mel fights against Pablo. I loved all of them and I'll continue to buy this types of matches without doubt. Actually I'm not interested Pablo vs Lena or Klara matchups but I respect the opinion of Mr.Mo but unfortunately you Mr.Mo don't respect anyone. This is not your place! We all love wrestling sport and we should be understanding with each others. So please don't attack people with your rude words, just discuss. Anyway I want to thank you all 'FD Team' for these amazing matches. So glad We have you :))

2020-05-27 11:16:02
Why are you still talking about Klara and Lena for mixed fights?Have you ever seen Lena against a guy?If she didn't do it by now, she would never do it.Klara also doesn't and in my opinion she is no longer active

2020-05-27 08:52:34
@Pinto I dont kno what the hell u are talking about. Mel was in control the entire match. Sure, pablo was on top of her a FEW TIMES, but for the majority of the match, mel destroyed him and most ppl knew this was going to happen.

Mel even admitted this was a training match for pablo, as in she was trying to help him get better and there is nothing wrong with that. But, that doesnt mean the match was competitve because it wasnt. Mel is wayy to skilled and wayy too experienced for pablo right now.

Now that mel has trained him, now its time for pablo to go against some of the girls like lena and klara who havent had a mixed match yet to see where pablos current skill level is. That is a match worth watching.

2020-05-27 00:03:48
I don't know what you people are talking about, just because the score was one sided didn't mean it wasn't competitive. In fact Pablo spent a lot of time on the top of Mel thanks to his strength and weight advantage but couldn't pin or force her to submit. In the end experience and stamina prevailed over force, congratulations Mel for a very enjoyable and sexy fight.

It would be fun to pit Pablo against Donna next. Donna hasn't done mixed fights in a long time and I'm sure she would enjoy a comeback against this strong but inexperienced young man.

2020-05-26 22:24:55
@Mel, Yea we noticed that and nobody denied that at all. It was obvious that u were going to destroy him and it was obvious when u see the matchup that u were going to win and it was going to see a test for pablo.

But fans like myself and others would also like to see pablo against lesser experienced fighters as well so we can see how far hes come as well u kno? Training and getting better is awesome, but a competive match against a similar fighter is also important as well.

Thats why i mentioned the two fighters like lena and klara for example because in my opinion i think the 3 of them are similar. Compeition is everything.. Iam sure u know that haha.

2020-05-26 21:03:35
Dear viewers, thank you for your opinions, I trained Pablo ... So I wanted to test how much he improved. Pablo weighs 64kg and I weigh 53kg. Pablo was grateful to me for this match and for showing that I still have a lot to learn, I had a lot of respect for me ... And I would really invite myself into blood to keep my ass a newbie :-) and the fans who are watching me best .. Pablo learns the most and gets the most with an experienced wrestler .. I know that after years of practice .. So this match gave him more than you think (except for a sore body) :-)

2020-05-26 20:52:13
I agree with everything jerry said. I cant stand one sided matches. It isnt entertanng, it isnt competive, its very very predictable. @keram size and weight doesnt matter.... Pablo has lost to vera, lucy who are lighest girls in fighting dolls.... So that doesnt mean shit.

Pablo is getting better, but throwing him in the lions DEN wont help this kid. He needs matches against girls like LENA or Klara that havent had a mixed match yet and both LENA and KLARA arent the strongest wrestlers either. I honestly think pablo could possibly beat them in a close fight. Lena, Klara and pablo are improving, so the best way to see how far they have come is for them to fight.

Experience, Heart, tactics mean much more than size in FD. Pablo is finding that out the hardway. Please someone put this kid against lena in the next match.

2020-05-26 19:46:15
So we ask Mel on the forum how much Pablo weighs and how much she, you can't see, she lost weight, so take a good look.Pablo is at least 10 kilos heavier, I guarantee you that

2020-05-26 18:04:15
'If you want to be a lion you must train with lions' Pablo faced Melissa,Sonia,Lenora and now Mel. Huge respect for him. He's a brave guy...

2020-05-26 17:53:35
@Keram34: That's an exaggeration. She is 54 kgs and Pablo is 60 Kgs. She's an inch taller so it's not that much of a size difference. She has about 10 years more experience at least from DWW and FD. Personally I don't care for one sided matches. He was thrown to the wolves on this one.

2020-05-26 17:02:46
I think it is a sponsored match, and Pablo had to do it, knowing that he will face a higher ranked girl. It is bad for his ego but it seemed that he tried to score at least a pin on Mel. He lost to all the girls in his last matches, now at least he is expected to lose to this very experienced girl, who is by the way beautiful and very sexy.

2020-05-26 15:56:13
Wow, boys what you want, Mel weighs 53kg and Pablo 66kg, that's a huge difference, this match is a demonstration like a girl who is 10 kg lighter to massacre a boy who is more than 10kg more.......

2020-05-26 14:36:04
I agree with Mr.Mo. What's the point of this match. Pablo can't beat the smallest girls in FD, Vera and Lucy. This would be a great opportunity to match him up with some of the weaker girls that haven't had a mixed match yet. I don't get it.

2020-05-26 08:12:59
Ok when i saw this match come up i knew this was going to be a one sided massacare. Thats why i wont even buy denars for this one lol.

Its obvious that mel is going to destroy pablo, so i dont understand why anyone would want to watch a massacare u kno is going to happen.

More competive match like pablo vs lena or pablo vs klara would be much more competive and a match where u cant predict a winner before the match even starts.

FD.. PLEASE do pablo vs lena or pablo vs klars next week! That would be a GOOD MATCH!