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Marisa | 32

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Martin | 22

Height: 5'9" (178 cm)
Weight: 156 lbs (71 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4,6/5 (9 votes)

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Movie Description

The rematch. Pins counting to 20 and submission.

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Marisa vs. Martin
Marisa vs. Martin
Marisa vs. Martin
Marisa vs. Martin
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Marisa vs. Martin Comments | 8

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2019-07-15 09:53:47
Tough Marisa, strong Martin - it's the rematch, the revenge... who will win this time... and who will sit on the looser at the end? ;-) It is enjoyable. :)

2019-07-10 07:28:48
Please Give Marisa some mixed fights with smaller males like Valerian Rene Marian before Figthing against Martin......

2019-07-10 07:26:55
Good Match but could have been better if Marisa had tried little Harder....
The start was good with both wrestlers talking and then leading to fight eachother....
Marisa looks strong but can be better if trained more....
She can be next Andy????

2019-06-08 18:13:55
I think Martin did very well in this fight, especially in the end, love this fight! Marisa did her best, but will it be enough? I hope to see more fights like of the bests! I recommend to everyone!

2019-06-05 14:47:16
Marisa isn't aggressive enough to beat a strong man like Martin...

2019-06-05 12:30:30
my favorite girl if Marisa next time be more aggressive and never give up quickly when she squeezed i think she will beat him .
nice match

2019-06-05 00:50:01
Andy when she was at the top of her game beat him, I think twice . Great matches.

2019-06-04 10:52:28
Marisa wants the revenge and challenges Martin ... but I think that at present Martin is unbeatable. FD's new challenge should be to find a woman who can beat Martin and give him a lesson ... !!!