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Marcel | 35

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Claire | 30

Height: 5'9"(178 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless

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Marcel vs. Claire
Marcel vs. Claire
Marcel vs. Claire
Marcel vs. Claire
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2014-06-17 07:35:34
Ein (großer) Kampf der Generationen. Marcel ist immerhin satte 18 Jahre älter als Claire. Und er ist auch wirklich sehr stark, aber nützt es ihm auch was? Denn diese schöne und starke Claire hat ja schon ds öfteren bewiesen, dass ihr unbedingter Siegeswille, ihre Power und ihre Technik den Ausgang eines Fights stärker beeinflussen können als Kraft allein. Claire kämpfen zu sehen ist nicht nur ein optischer Genuß. Sie zeigt, sehr zum Leidwesen eines sich tapfer wehrenden Gegners, was für eine große und brilliante Kämpferin ist. Und bedenkt man wie jung sie ist, lässt sich schon jetzt erahnen, das sie noch besser wird. Ein Alptraum für potentielle nächste Gegner, ein Traum für ihre Fans wie mich. Super Fight. Klasse...

2014-01-11 22:07:03
Claire looks as gorgeous as always but Marcel appears technically clueless. I'd personally like to see Claire in submissions-only matches which would require her to extend her currently limited repertoire of attacking holds, perhaps to include chokes, arm and leg bars and wrist locks.

2013-03-02 20:47:51
This was a mixed match in which it looked as if the guy might simply overpower the girl. Marcel is put together very well and appears muscular and quite strong. Before the match starts, Claire says she'd like to win some points. It's almost as if she doesn't give herself much of a chance of winning against this big guy.

Marcel uses his strength to his advantage on several occasions, just throwing Claire around almost like a rag doll a few times. Claire is a strong girl, but Marcel is probably stronger than any girl in the FD stable. But Claire has always had a knack for escaping from guys' holds and pins. She's able to manuever numerous times and often frustrates Marcels efforts. Sometimes you think you're watching something like a bull vs a cheetah. If the bull can gore its opponent, it will win, but the cheetah is fast, and keeps the bull on the move. Will the bull have the energy to keep attacking?

I will say that Claire has really developed her body press and scissors. I saw Chrissie break out of both a few times, and Claire has a few inches and 15-20 pounds on her. But she had trouble keeping Chrissie pinned or locked up in her scissors. She doesn't have that problem with Marcel. Every guy she's wrestled has had big problems escaping her body press. Of course, she is about 5-10, close to 150, and the FD trainers have taught her well. I've had a few sessions, and there are some girls who just have the ability to really immobilize a guy once they get him pinned. I won't say how many pins, if any, she scores against him, only that the time or times she gets on top, she stays there. At least once, Marcel looks as if his back is glued to the mat.

Claire is a better wrestler than when she started. She then seemed like a model who had no experience and was making some money on the side. Now she's improved a good deal. She's probably still not in the same league as the very top girls at FD, but who knows if she will be in time?

You never know. I remember seeing cute little blonde Dana N. beat Denise by two or three falls a decade or more ago, so I never thought Denise would get close to the level of a Petra or Tiffany. But she did. Regardless of whether Claire becomes that good, she'll always be my favorite. I've been watching M/F and F/F matches since the days of 8mm film, and I don't know that I've ever seen a girl who combines beauty with authentic wrestling to the extent Claire does. I've bought every mixed film Claire's made and thoroughly enjoyed every one, including Marcel vs Claire.