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Luna | 36

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Pablo | 20

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4,4/5 (21 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins counting to 10 and submission. One sided match.

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Luna vs. Pablo
Luna vs. Pablo
Luna vs. Pablo
Luna vs. Pablo
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Luna vs. Pablo Comments | 7

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2022-06-22 03:10:33
Luna you are a relentless fighter full of tremendous courage and determination. Once you learn how to apply the headlocks with your arms like Anastasia does then you will be too much to handle. You are an amazing Alpha Amazon that is calculated and ferocious. Keep crushing the men and the women at Fighting Dolls. Hope one day you can face Andrea Rosu. Your matches are magnificent.

2020-11-05 08:53:34
This could be one of the biggest one-sided domination fights in the history of Mixed Wrestling.
Very rare to find someting like this,
Sensational Victory by LUNA. She is an expert of headscissors movement.
I highly recommend this who love to see a woman beating a man easily in a real wrestling match.

2020-11-01 20:55:27
I think that comments that reveals the outcome of a match is not ok for us customers. Why not have a person review these comments for publishing? Or you have to click on it for reading.

2020-11-01 15:51:57
Luna had some anoying losses in her last matches, she lost her encounters with Martin, then Marian managed to defeat her in a dramatic match full of tight sweaty pins, and then she faced Merlin in in a very even struggle but she lost that one too, by a point in the last minute. So after so many losses she got an easier opponent. Everybody knew that Luna is stronger than Pablo and that she will win, and that is exactly what happened. Pablo tried hard, but so did Luna who was in a real dominant mood, so the guy got not only pinned by the woman, but force-facesat more than in other female victories. Pablo admitted that this was his worst defeat ever.

2020-10-30 21:57:15

I'm not one who enjoys one-sided contests. I prefer mixed that is more competitive but this match was a one-sided beat down with a very game Pablo who tried but ultimately was overwhelmed by the curvaceous and skilled Luna.

Y'all, this match was HOT. True, Luna is a favorite of mine (so I'm biased) but her demeanor in this match was superb and she absolutely crushed Pablo here. Matt movement was active and towards the middle and end, Luna really asserted her dominant personality, getting close to Pablo's face, trash-talking and squeezing, sitting on him. Ugh! As much as I love to see Luna compete, I was pleased with her performance against the smaller less-skilled male.

Well done, FD.

2020-10-30 15:37:20
Na ja, das mit dem schlimmsten Fight kaufe ich Pablo nicht wirklich ab. Sofern es nicht wirklich richtig weh tut würden sich wohl viele Männer so einiges gefallen lassen um so einen Fight mit Luna zu bekommen. Für mich sah das jedenfalls stellenweise so aus als hätte Pablo die Gunst der Stunde genutzt um sich bedienen zu lassen. Mein Neid und sicher auch der vieler Mixed Wrestler sei ihm dafür gewiss. Luna verkörpert bei Mixed Fights jedenfalls viel ehr den Frauentyp den ich gern sehen möchte als in ihren FF Fights. Man hat von Luna auch schon Mixed Kämpfe gesehen nach denen man den männlichen Part nie wieder auf der Matte gesehen hat, das will natürlich niemand, aber wenn sie Pablo das nächste mal dazu bringen könnte sich etwas mehr anzustrengen wäre das schon geil. Alles in allem hat mir das aber gut gefallen, sobald Männer im Spiel sind liegt bei Luna etwas erotisches in ihren Bewegungen. Auch das sie ihre Griffe diesmal länger als nötig gehalten hat fand ich gut.

2020-10-30 08:59:53
WOW. When u looked at the matchup and saw luna vs pablo... U KNEW this match was going to be a BEATDOWN from luna to pablo. Pablo had no chance in hell against luna and everyone should know it. Luna is in a different class than pablo, and i knew pablo would have zero chance against her. She is too experienced, too skilled, too big n strong for pablo. Once she used her strong legs against him it was OVER. I

This match was probably the most predictable match i have seen in a very long time. U just knew pablo was gonna get his ass kicked. It just want fair to watch lol. I really hope in pablos next match he fights against lena, ganet, or anna maria. I think those 3 girls would be a very good and EVEN shot for pablo. I really hope FD can make this happen somehow.