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Lenora | 24

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Telma | 31

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Telma 20%

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Movie Description

3 rounds full contact topless boxing with K.O. ending.

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Lenora vs. Telma
Lenora vs. Telma
Lenora vs. Telma
Lenora vs. Telma
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Lenora vs. Telma Comments | 5

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2019-12-28 20:22:23
We want to see more videos of Lenora actually fighting boxing! We want to see Lenora without clothes, but inside a boxing ring! She must be well trained in the art of boxing! Turn her into a boxing ring beast!
We want to see Lenora butchering her opponents, but in a boxing ring!

2019-12-19 00:46:39
Very good! Very good! But I'd rather see naked women fighting boxing! Please put Lenora without clothes in a boxing ring! We want to see Lenora really boxing, but without clothes! NUDE BOXING! REAL BOXING! NAKED BOXING!

2019-12-08 21:04:11
As viewers have noted this certainly is an amateur bout with two first timers. That said it’s really an admirable effort and very courageous on both their parts. The winner of this battle has shown herself able to withstand a terrific amount of punishment – especially in catfights without submission. One tough cookie she is! Love her or hate her she is a champ and will be around for as long as she wants. The difference between the winner and many other boxers (male and female) is that she is willing and able to follow-up her initial stunning punch with the KO shot. I really hope the loser (who is in tears at the end) comes back to fight some more, but with a few training sessions. She is one of my favorites along with the winner! (BTW this is not a TKO but KO b/c the looser does not get off the floor until well after the 10 count.)

2019-12-04 21:09:32
GREAT example of how even un-trained boxers can put on a great showing. And that last overhand right was cold blooded. lol A real KO with real tears. Both fighters showed a lot of heart.

If this and the previous release (Marissa vs. Edita) are a look at the future of FD boxing, I'll be purchasing every match! Well done.

2019-12-04 09:11:33
An interesting video, showing two girls who are absolute novices, experiencing what it is like to box for the first time.. I enjoyed this.