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Lenora | 26

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Nena | 22

Height: 5'6" (166 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Wrestling, Topless

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Rating: 4,8/5 (17 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins and submission. Balanced fight and result.

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Lenora vs. Nena
Lenora vs. Nena
Lenora vs. Nena
Lenora vs. Nena
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Lenora vs. Nena Comments | 13

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2023-01-18 16:58:12
Nena, wow. Please more of her! Would love to see her against Bella, Lena, Kemala or Mimi.

2022-12-10 13:06:55
Nena is has a solid build and solid technical skill... she lookslike she would be a tough opponent for any FD girl. Lenora is no slouch either, in fact Nena's skill inspires her to bring her A-game to the match. However as it goes on it seems Nena has slightly more stamina as well. Not a high-scoring match, which I prefer, but certainly a highly competitive one.

2022-12-05 11:05:38
Can't wait to see what NENA is really worth in a catfight against mel or lenora or donna or edita?

2022-11-22 18:45:23
Fantastic fight, with incredible amount of skill by both girls. Nena is an incredible wrestler, with experience in the past 4 years of wrestling, and Lenora
is possibly the best at FD.
The first part of the fight is very interesting with both girls moneuvering to gain the upper hand in a contineus sequence of attack and defense phases.
Nena in particular is behaving very well in attack and in defense, escaping without problems from the scissor technique of her opponent.
It's very impressive the equal ability of Nena in attacking and defensive phases as well. At 10' Lenora applies a triangle choking hold to Nena's head, from which
Nena is able to defend well escaping from that position in an intense minute of struggling, and once free, immediately counterattacking Lenora with a choking and
a leg scissor to body. Nena is so confident about her abilities, that she is able to control the situation in every phase of the fight, then emerging in control
thanks to her superior technique.When the fight goes on you could see a complete sequence of reciprocal scissor by the girls, till the most spectacular of all,
when Lenora is able to quickly trap Nena to the ground with a scissor to head arms and one leg! Very good fight, probably the technically best in many months!

2022-11-20 13:29:31
This my favorite match I downloaded from FD in 2022 thus far.

2022-11-15 21:37:49
Absolutly Fantastic Movie here. A very hard and even Match. The Best for me is the hard Breathing from both Girls during the Fight. It shows how hard
both try to win. No Love is lost here and no Quarter ask or given. Both Girls agree for a Rematch, this Time Catfight. Fingers crossed. WATCH. PERFECT.

2022-11-12 18:09:12
What a poor sport Lenore is, huh ? Disrespectful to Nena after a fair defeat while also being arrogant and just as disrespectful before they even started.

Vanda didn't act like that after Nena beat her. Lenore kind of reminds me of Rhonda Rousey ... it's all OK while winning but look out if she doesn't , LOL.

2022-11-12 07:19:01
that headsissor arm and leg trap +hairpulling ..... great move by lenora . nena has the potential to be the new number 1 ! I like her ! look at the size of her legs . love it !

2022-11-11 18:19:03
nice one !!! love it !!!

2022-11-11 10:08:21
Lenora fordert am Anfang Respekt von Nena ein. Ich denke den haben beide Ringerinnen für diesen Kampf bekommen, auch von den Zuschauern.

2022-11-10 14:43:14
On 27:00 you have the point to the one that tapped

2022-11-10 11:02:28
Das interessante an Nena ist die Ruhe mit der sie ihre Kämpfe führt. Ihr Stil ist zwar nicht spektakulär aber sehr effektiv. Bei ihr macht jede einzelne Bewegung Sinn, so zieht sie ihre Kontrahentin nicht mit einem spektakulären Ruck, sondern Stück um Stück immer tiefer in ihre Beinschere, so überlässt sie schlicht nichts dem Zufall. Auch optisch wirkt sie in einem Kampf sehr ruhig, nie hektisch und immer mit einem attraktiven Gesichtsausdruck. Es ist eine Freude ihr zuzusehen.
Aus meiner Sicht wäre es für Lenora eng geworden wenn man den Kampf hätte weiter laufen lassen. Kondition scheint Nena ohne Ende zu haben.

2022-11-10 10:40:07
Finally our queen to find her dominant, it feels good I loved Nena, congratulations to her, but watch out for the catfight that will follow she will have to be very very aggressive and mean with real slaps otherwise...