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Lenora | 26

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Merlin | 25

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4,9/5 (14 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins and submission.

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Lenora vs. Merlin
Lenora vs. Merlin
Lenora vs. Merlin
Lenora vs. Merlin
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Lenora vs. Merlin Comments | 8

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2022-04-07 02:09:38
I loved Lenora in this fight. Merlin is his usual cocky self and tries to get under her skin... but Lenora remains calm and demonstrates her superior fighting skills, quickness, and flexibility. The only edge Merlin has is strength and that is debatable from I saw here. I think Lenora could take down an average 200 lb guy who hadn't seen her fight, especially if he is a desk jocky. I wouldn't be surprised if she dominated a 200 lb guy who is out of shape, or had very min skills. She is fun to watch.

2022-02-23 12:07:03
One of the best mixed matches I've seen lately. Lenora has improved massively from her earlier years. Her technique is incredible. Where did she learn that stuff? I think her opponents were not prepared for her. She looks great too, strong and confident. She's near the very top of FD right now.

2022-01-05 16:37:49
Lenora seems to have mastered the art of striking early in her fights since her comeback and catches her opponents off-guard to build an early unassailable lead in terms of points. Her technique has improved immensely during her break from FD. That coupled with her resistance to submission holds and her increased tolerance before submitting make her a formidable force and probably one of the best ladies on the roster today. I guess a showdown with Andy to see who the current queen of FD is might be inevitable.

2021-12-28 12:47:29
Both competitors fight very aggressively and with great determination to win. Lenora displays her will to win and her quickness and athleticism and stamina. Lenora is able to deal with Merlin's strength and his aggressive and rough style. Lenora enjoys the competition and she enjoys dominating her opponent both physically and psychologically. I really like what she did to Merlin with her clothing. She combines her desire to be dominant with a sense of fun and creativity. Every match with Lenora should include an interview and behind the scenes conversation because Lenora has an interesting personality. Every match with Lenora that she wins should also allow her to have a post-match victory with creative and fun ways for her to dominate and to punish her defeated opponent. Lenora would enjoy that and the fans would really like to see it. Lenora is a talented and beautiful woman and I hope that she stays for many future matches.

2021-12-27 00:53:30
Lenora vs Martin please!!!

2021-12-26 22:33:41
Great fight, great energy. They both want to dominate the other one. Sometimes they seem a little bit unfocussed. Nice how they use Lenora's clothes. Lenora looks so sexy and beautiful. She is remarkable. Merlin is a great opponet. He is uninhibited in fighting girls. At the end there is a clear winner who shows the other one who is boss. I would have loved a winner's sgpin at the end.

2021-12-26 02:06:38
Lenora put herself among the strongest and best wrestlers in FD. Merlin is strong and experienced but Lenora was dominating. He is not a likeable guy as he talks down to the girls and shows them no respect. He also resorted to hair pulling and even slapping. It didn't matter. After saying that girls are weaker, Lenora made him eat his words. She's a very strong and talented wrestler and will be a challenge for males or females. Combine that with her beauty and she is the real deal.

2021-12-25 17:12:14
Totally great effort by Lenora. Great determination, strength and technique. I respect Lenora even more. She is one of the best here..