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Kleopatra | 24

Height: 5'6" (166 cm)
Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Tanima | 27

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Mixed

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Rating: 5/5 (27 votes)

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Movie Description

Submission only. Balanced fight and result.

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Kleopatra vs. Tanima
Kleopatra vs. Tanima
Kleopatra vs. Tanima
Kleopatra vs. Tanima
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2023-06-20 01:18:50
This match is great! After Kleopatra gets a submission she is filled with confidence and energy that she didn't have at the start. Tanima is probably a better wrestler, but Kleopatra is ruthless in this catfight. Tanima's ass looks fantastic in her jean shorts and Kleopatra has a great ass too. Both women get really sweaty during this match and it makes them even sexier. My only complaint is that the fight wasn't longer! I hope we get a rematch someday.

2023-04-14 13:14:29
As others have mentioned, this is a really aggressive and brutal catfight, absolutely explosive! Definitely one you won't regret purchasing!

2022-09-27 20:08:48
Kleopatra and Tanima look like they perfectly fit to fight each other. Both are sexy as hell, hot, young, with similar ages, shapes, weights, heights. Both are muscular,fit, aggressive, bad tempered, insidious, cocky, and always love a good fight. That exactly explains what happened here: An explosion of aggression and fury starred by two girls that clearly didn’t like each other since the first second they met. This video contains everything a catfight fan loves. Lot of slapping, hair pulling, trash talking, fight action on bed, floor, everywhere!. Both girls ended nude and very sweaty (and I think you will too!), specially Kleopatra. You may go and see from min 11:48 to 12:06. Kleo’s face and sweaty almost nude body said everything about what she was feeling at that moment. The more I see, the more I like these fights in this bedroom!. .The illumination, (not too bright, not too dark), added a touch of sensuality and realism to the fight. Don’t miss it.

2022-09-04 17:35:11
What an amazing catfight!It had everything a catfight should have,trashtalk,hairpulling, slapping,scratching and facesitting.The bedroom scene only added to the the intensity and eroticism of the fight.Tanima started the better of the two and won the first point but as the fight progressed it became more brutal with both girls covered in sweat and tempers became frayed.Kleopatra then began to take control and gave Tanima a bit of a mauling.
It's the first time I've seen Kleopatra and I was impressed.The look on her face midway through the fight looked like she was possessed!I'd love to see a bedroom fight between her and Bella.They both have similar wild fighting styles which could be explosive!

2022-08-30 22:16:46
Great Catfight! The score doesn't come close to reflecting the intensity and "brutality" of the fight -- Kleópatra is a wonderful addition to the FD lineup!

2022-08-30 12:11:11
Kleópatra is amazing in this match, brutal, confident and showing what she can.