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Kim-Ly | 30

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Mary-Ann | 38

Height: 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4,2/5 (5 votes)

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Kim-Ly vs. Mary-Ann
Kim-Ly vs. Mary-Ann
Kim-Ly vs. Mary-Ann
Kim-Ly vs. Mary-Ann
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2021-04-18 14:12:32
In this catfight, although the final submission... (and there's only one in the entire catfight, as both women are extremely determined to win, and are stubborn throughout, refusing to submit)... occurs after a very long hard fought match wasn't a face sit submission. (Though the final face crushing, screaming, hair pulling, head scissors submission is still extremely humiliating all the same, prior to the ultimate face sit humiliation forfeit that occurs at the end). I have purchased a very large collection of Fighting Dolls catfights over the years. Many featuring superb humiliating face sit straddle pins done with expertise by the girls. There remains one catfight that I still regard as the best when it comes to face sitting. It's an older title that has still to age, looks just as good now as it did years ago, and one I often return to. It's a catfight between Kim Ly and Mary Ann (FD0281). This was in the days prior to Kim Ly becoming dominant in their fights. That said, it still remains a very even fight. This was the sexy young busty Kim Ly, new to fighting, wanting to prove herself, dominant, cocky, naturally skilled, sexy and adorably cute. Taking on the more experienced Mary Ann. Mary Ann these days looks stunningly gorgeous and beautiful, but the young Mary Ann was a stunning absolute babe too, a match for Kim Ly any day in the looks department. And Mary Ann obviously wants to upstage and humiliate the sexy newcomer Kim Ly to show her dominance in the pecking order hierarchy at Fighting Dolls by proving she's better than the younger woman. Mary Ann trash talks Kim Ly pre fight in an attempt to intimidate and threaten her. Kim Ly at the start of the fight ruins, dominates and humiliates Mary Ann as Mary Ann struggles to get the upper position. But the catfight is an all time face sit classic as there's three long examples of when Kim Ly loses control of the fight and Mary Ann gains the mount position, immediately shifting up to sit firmly on Kim Ly's face, shoving her gorgeous pristine white panties and pussy into the attractive Kim Ly's face whilst grabbing two fistfuls of Kim Ly's gorgeous long black glossy hair to hold her firmly in that position whilst Mary Ann applies her entire body weight to sit on Kim Ly's face. What makes it even better is that Mary Ann shows Kim Ly no respect when she does this. It's very personal. The first time this happens is whilst Mary Ann is using two fistfuls of Kim Ly's long black hair to pull Kim Ly's face into her pussy whilst Mary Ann queens it by sitting firmly on her face. You can hear Kim Ly's breathing become muffled and panicked as she gasps for air whilst having a mouthful of Mary Ann's white panties and pussy shoved into her mouth and nose. She struggles to escape as Mary Ann dominantly holds her in place by pulling her hair as she continues this long humiliating face sit of the new cocky newcomer. Mary Ann gets Kim Ly in this same humiliating face sit pin again later in the fight. But it doesn't last as long the second time as Kim Ly bucks Mary Ann off her. The whole catfight is beautiful and exhilarating to watch. A very evenly matched catfight. But at the end the winner's bonus is to humiliate the loser by sitting on her face for 2 minutes to demonstrate her dominance and superiority over her defeated foe. One of these two women does this effectively and with great pleasure; adopting the perfect face sit pin pose whilst preening herself, adjusting her hair, and posing to camera whilst the loser is humiliated with a mouthful of the dominant woman's pussy in her face whilst she suffers a very embarrasing face sit forfeit.

2019-05-15 13:43:42
Wow!! I am a huge Kim-Ly fan but there is something very exciting about seeing her be dominated. Kim-Ly is tenacious in her efforts as usual and controls Mary-Ann at times as well but it is Kim-Ly who cries out loud in pain while Mary-Ann pulls her hair to put Kim-Ly's head where she wants it!!I have never heard Kim-Ly cry out like this!! Mary uses some perfectly executed schoolgirl pins where she sits so high up on Kim-Ly that she is on Kim-Ly's face. Mary-Ann then pulls Kim-Ly's hair towards her to ensure Kim-Ly's face goes right into her crotch!!You know Kim-Ly is seething and wants out of this hold but refuses to give up anyway. This match is before Kim-Ly had the experience she has now and it has never been more fun to see her struggle and get owned by the intense Mary-Ann. Excellent match and very aggressive!!

2013-10-15 15:37:23
The video starts with Kim-ly on the mat, in the centre of the studio, showing us her powerful biceps with some victory posing.. Suddenly, from behind a courtain, Mary-Ann appears and get into the studio. The girls exchange some no nice words about each other and sit down on a carpet, getting ready for the pre match interview. During the interview they talk about their previous opponents and matches and the way they defeated them. They also talk about the way they have in mind to win this match as well as its bonus: two minutes of humiliating face sitting on the loser’s face. With no time to waste, the girls undress theirselves until wearing only sexy tiny thongs covering their perfect bodies. They are now ready to fight. They launch into each other with fury, searching with their hands for the enemy’s hair, and trying to take each other down in order to get a dominant position. What it comes is a feast of hair pulling , wrestling skills, female pride and endurance for and from both sides. During the about 15 minutes the match itself longs, you will enjoy watching these two applying each other countless scissors, pins and face sittings as well as wondering the way they use to get released from such kind of tight holds. The match is so even that, at the end, the winner takes her prize by the minimal possible score (1:0): Two minutes victory posing sitting on the defeated loser’s face!