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Kim-Ly | 31

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Luna | 37

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4/5 (1 vote)

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Kim-Ly vs. Luna
Kim-Ly vs. Luna
Kim-Ly vs. Luna
Kim-Ly vs. Luna
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2016-03-12 08:02:33
Great outdoor catfight between two gorgeous big wrestlers. Fast and aggressive action, with slapping and hairpulling, a bit of acting but great moves and submission holds. It is clear who has to be the winner at the end, and these ladies are true professionals. A must have for fans of sexy and tough fighters!

2013-12-28 18:00:52
Yes, it's a very good catfight.

Luna does some impressive moves full of flexibility to get Kim-Ly between her legs and she knows exactly how to combine it with some hairpulling.
It's remarkable that after one of them has to give up the girls only release the pressure but keep their opponent still in their scissor (or something else) to take them in the next hold.

Great to watch!

2013-06-25 09:22:06
A Good Catfight

Kim-Ly gives up, over and over, way to easily. Luna is not challenged. Luna shows way more strength of spirit, ambition, and will to win.

One fighter needs to step it up!

Submissions: 5 head-scissors, 2 body-scissors