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Kemala | 21

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Topless

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Tess | 24

Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless

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Rating: 4,9/5 (16 votes)

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Kemala vs. Tess
Kemala vs. Tess
Kemala vs. Tess
Kemala vs. Tess
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2021-02-02 19:32:33
Nice early catfight -- as noted lots of promise. I'd have preferred a fight that was not quite so much hair pulling but it's a good battle and hopefully these women will stay around FD for a long time!

2021-01-22 19:56:24
Wow, I wanted to download a match with these two but wanted to wait until either of them was in a catfight and now BOTH were in one against each other. Loved the fact it was both their first and it was so "real" like girls fighting at a club. That gives this a fresh feel. Tess looks like a new Anna L or Vera, and Kemala like a new Anna-Maria or Reana, so I am keen to see the future fights especially as both expressed they enjoyed it , and each has a lot of hair to pull. So sexy seeing it flying around as they grab hair

2021-01-22 18:15:45
Zwei junge hübsche Neulinge treten hier gegeneinander an. Beide sind in etwa gleich groß und gleich schwer. Ein schwarzhaariges Karate-Girl gegen eine rothaarige. Beide haben blasse Haut und schöne Brüste, wobei der von Kemala etwas größer ist. Beim Kampf merkt man, dass Tess mit ihrer Karate-Vergangenheit Kampfsporterfahrung hat. Bei ihr sitzen die Griffe härter und exakter, als bei der rothaarigen Kemala. Aber beide geben hier alles und es ist ein spannender Kampf mit einer am Ende eindeutigen Siegerin.

2021-01-22 13:22:07
A first catfight for both girls at FD. Very hard hair pulling. When trash talking both said they were enjoying it and the action got more aggressive the longer the match went on.

2021-01-22 12:47:56
A pretty good fight between two newcomers who have a lot to learn. Tess as clearly the better fighter but Kemala will get better and when she does she will be far more than just a really pretty face. Both girls fought really hard and it was a fun fight to watch. Tess showed a ton of promise and pretty much kept Kemala on the defensive. Kemala though gave 100 percent and never quit. I look for both girls to improve and learn and some day I hope to see a rematch between these two.

2021-01-22 11:51:51
Tess is seriously a great newcomer! she is talented, nice, well tattoed and wants to win!