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Isabel | 33

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Mixed,Trib, Erotic

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Vanda | 31

Height: 5'7" (171 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Mixed

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Rating: 4,7/5 (6 votes)

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Movie Description

Submission only. Balanced fight and result.

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Isabel vs. Vanda
Isabel vs. Vanda
Isabel vs. Vanda
Isabel vs. Vanda
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DoDon P
2021-08-01 19:47:06
I love these bearhug catfights and I agree with the other comments. This is a really exciting and very sexy match. I like that they keep their heels on for the entire match. As Isabel says in the pre-fight interview, keeping their heels on makes them feel more sexy and makes their legs look stronger. Isabel excels at bearhug catfights and Vanda is competitive and aggressive. I like the bearhug fights like this where hair pulling is included, there's plenty of body squeezing, and lots of face to face squishing. I love that they take their panties off too and fight mostly nude. No-panty bearhug catfights are the best!

2021-07-31 08:13:17
THIS IS MY NEW FAVE!!!!!.... Heels on the whole time! Slow squeezing!..... Great facial expressions!...... I imagine the two women slowly melting together, and not being able to pull apart!... I would also love to see the women hold different positions for a while, too!................ Ladies, thank you for such a great video!!

2021-07-30 15:59:25
F A N T A S T I C. If you like Bearhug Matches, dont miss this one. Very nice Idea with the High Heels. wild and sexy together.

2021-07-27 16:42:05
Super fantastic great bearhug the must fight

2021-07-27 10:10:06
Finally my dream match all the time on high heels, aggressive with hair pulling.After each point the shoe of the winner on the face of the loser, it is wonderful.Who likes bearhug must see this fight, very impressive