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Eva | 35

Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Chiara | 30

Height: 5'7" (171 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Wrestling, Catfight, Topless, Mixed

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Eva vs. Chiara
Eva vs. Chiara
Eva vs. Chiara
Eva vs. Chiara
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2014-08-18 15:05:12
Eva is a seller and wants Chiara to try some clothes, but Chiara refuses to buy anything because she says everything is trash. Both girls start to argue about and, in a blink of an eye, the brunette and the blond are fighting each other very furiously. Although started from a scripted argument, the match is very real and furious with lots of trash talk, screams, very hard hair pulling, scissors and breast smothering. The clothes are not able to resist the two wildcat’s attacks, and more sooner than later, both beautiful bodies are topless for the delight of the viewer. Although a bit one sided, the looser was not an easy cake at all and makes the winner to work hard and suffer a lot to conquer her victory. At the end, you will see tears in the eyes of the defeated and frustrated looser of this fast, emotional, loud and furious catfight. A must have!