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Crystl | 29

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Mixed, Topless

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Crystl cz CZ

Mario | 18

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Mario cz CZ

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Movie Description

Totally even and competitive mixed-wrestling-match topless with blonde & busty Crystl vs Mario in the studio on mats. Blonde & busty Crystl improved a lot this year and so Crystl challenge slim Mario for a competitive mixed-fight in the fighting-dolls-wrestling-studio.

Crystl is a real offense wrestler and so she try to attack Mario in every round-start, but Mario is not a newcomer and he give beautiful Crystl a real and hard mixed-fight with falls for both wrestlers. the advantages are changing every round. One minute Mario is on top – next minute Crystl moved on top and Crystl is in the better position. There are bodyscissors + good headlocks + breastsmother-pins + headscissors + schoolgirl-pin + breastsmothering in this competitive mixed-fight.

Wonderful to see the ambition and the emotions in Crystl´s face! This is a mixed-movie for mixed-fans who like even mixed-matches – with falls for girls & boys.

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Crystl vs. Mario
Crystl vs. Mario
Crystl vs. Mario
Crystl vs. Mario
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2013-11-16 15:33:56
Another great match for Crystl. She has really moved up the ranks by wrestling Mario. He outweighs her by 30 pounds and is 4 inches taller. He has given some of the tough girls trouble including beating Donna easily. I have a feeling that this girl would wrestle any man no matter how big. I think she loves the competition.

After one incredible breast smother, Mario is laying on his back trying to catch his breath. Crystl says, "Get up!" She's the bunny in the battery commercial. She might be pound for pound the toughest girl in FD.

This is a great matchup. Very close and no winner until the end. It's too bad that FD has decided to stop making mixed matches. This was a great one. I recommend it.

2013-11-06 12:59:18
Great mixed match between Crystl and Mario. It is well balanced between the two.
Crystl is so sexy in this much. She wants to win but Mario puts up resistance so that points are made on both sides. Crystl is not happy about loosing points against Mario and gets more aggressive against him. Will it work?

There are made some body scissores, head scissors, breast smother pins and school girl pins.