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Crystl | 29

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Mixed, Topless

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Crystl cz CZ

Lukas | 29

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Movie Description

Mixed-wrestling-match topless – pins-and-submissions in the garden. Blonde & busty & beautiful Crystl improved in the last months her wrestling-skills – and Crystl is a real offense-wrestler who tried to attack new-young-guy Lukas with every action.

For Lukas it was his first wrestling-match ever at fighting-dolls – so he is not experienced in wrestling, but he is a well-trained strong young man. But of course blonde Crystl is more experienced and Crystl know how to use her advantages and she attacked Lukas with headlocks + bodyscissors + headlock-grapevine-pins + with breastsmother-pins + headscissors + schoolgirl-pin + with breastsmothering.

Lukas tried his best – but at the end Crystl made different falls and Crystl enjoyed very much to use her breastsmother-headlock-pins – so at the end was a one-sided-result and a proud winner-girl who sit on his shoulders at the end and enjoyed her victory.

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Crystl vs. Lukas
Crystl vs. Lukas
Crystl vs. Lukas
Crystl vs. Lukas
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2015-01-11 16:58:41
FANTASTIC!! First time seeing Crystl in a mixed match & she was great! Lukas fought hard but Crystl was too strong and those breast smothers of hers are amazing! Want to see more of Crystl in mixed matches...she is a natural!

2013-09-12 21:22:30
This match is quite one sided so this is a SPOILER WARNING!! It would be difficult to review this match without giving the winner away. One of the wrestlers dominates this match so please stop reading if you don't want to know the outcome.

First this is a match where both wrestlers want to win badly and fight hard. It starts out to be competitive but turns into a one sided crush. Crystl is awesome. I've downloaded all 3 of her mixed matches and she has gotten better with each one. Lukas ran into a buzz-saw wihen he wrestled this little lady.

Crystl has wrestled men that are quite a bit taller and heavier and this doesn't seem to intimidate her at all. She has perfected the breast smother and doesn't even worry about a pin in this match. She also features some great scissors for submissions.

Crystl is 3 inches shorter than Lukas and 16 pounds lighter. Her attitude is, "so what?" She has won her last two matches because she is just plain stronger than her opponents. You can't breast smother if you aren't strong enough to be in the top position and then hold it for at least a few seconds. Crystl not only does this but also is able to reverse the position when Lukas finally is able to pin her. She flips him over and smothers him or scissors him into submission.

Crystl's scissors must be devastating also because in her last two mixed matches when she applied her scissors around her opponent's waist, both cried out and submitted almost instantly.

At the end after sitting on Lukas and showing off her strength she suddenly grabs him and gives him another smothering and he freaks out. I don't think he'll want a re-match with this super tough little power pack. If you like to watch small pretty girls who are stronger than their larger male opponents, here you go. Where do these super women in Fighting-Dolls come from? All I can say to conclude is WOW!!