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Claire | 23

Height: 5'9"(178 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless

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Kim-Ly | 30

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Rating: 4/5 (6 votes)

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Movie Description

Fighting dolls March Event 2013.

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Claire vs. Kim-Ly
Claire vs. Kim-Ly
Claire vs. Kim-Ly
Claire vs. Kim-Ly
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Claire vs. Kim-Ly Comments | 9

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2017-04-25 05:37:08
I agree with Stephen about the tall and beautiful Denise that always was beaten by smaller girls in the beginning at DWW, Denise always was beaten by smaller girls like Melanie, Karine, Antscha and especially by Jana N, I remember there were several bouts between Denise and Jana N in which smaller Jana N always gave a beating in the bigger Denise and I felt bad about it because Denise is very beautiful but she was not even to face Jana N because Jana N though she was smaller she was too strong and too fast for poor Denise. But Kim-ly was beaten by smaller girls too, when she fought against Pia and Anni she was completely beaten by this two much smaller girls, in Kim-ly vs Pia at the end Kim-ly was the loser and she was crying.

2015-06-08 18:50:18
Clearly one girl dominated the other nearly the entire match, yet this time, justice did not perevail this time. A submision was not even counted when one girl gave up to a devastating scissors. Onegirl is all is power, while the other one techinical. At the end, bot are exhausted. The camera needs to be a bit far, in order to capt their entire bodies struggling.

2013-07-02 17:43:57
Very Good Fight

Both girls are tearing up, at the end, from injuries to there heads and necks. Several fierce body-scissors and a pulled muscle.

Submissions: 1 breast-smother, 1 head-scissor, 1 pulled-muscle

2013-06-19 17:43:44
this match is fabulous !!
2 women strong and beautiful.


FDFD Fan 1234
2013-06-02 20:30:14
This was absolutely one of the best matches I have seen so far, Claire dominated the majority of the match keeping Kim-Ly on the defensive the whole time. In my opinion, Claire's best performance. There were so brutal and excruciating scissors in this match which both girls manage to avoid and endure pain. Claire who get Kim-Ly in pins and Kim-Ly will muscle out at a 9 count. Not going to tell you who won this classic matchup. Beautiful and good-looking athletic women, outstanding wrestling **********

FDFD Fan 1234
2013-05-10 02:24:10
After facing each other twice before, they both know what to maneuver out of crushing scissors hold and pin holds.

2013-05-09 19:01:38
Fantastic and intense match...could almost feel the squeezing power of both girls, while watching it. Couldn't believe how one of the girls couldn't make the other surrender despite CRUSHING scissors. Could "feel" their exhaustion at the end...GREAT match!!

2013-05-08 13:35:17
Ich kann mich Stephen nur anschließen. Dieser Kampf ist tatsächlich ein Must-See. Unerbittlich kämpfen hier die große, sportliche und hochattraktive Claire und die kräftige, exotische Schönheit Kim-Ly gegeneinander.
Claire hat sich in der letzten noch mal sehr verbessert. Vor allem ist sie unheimlich schnell und wendig geworden. Auch an Kraft scheint sie zugelegt zu haben, so dass ihrem offensivem Kampfstil nur wenig entgegenzusetzen ist. Folglich hat sie auch einen Großteil des Kampfes die Oberhand über Kim-Ly und pinnt sie unzählige Male. Unter anderem im allseits beliebten Schoolgirl Pin.
Doch Kim-Ly ist mittlerweile bekannt dafür, dass sie sich kaum besiegen lassen will. Unter Schmerzensschreien hält sie die härtesten Beinscheren aus und versucht sich immer wieder mit größten Kraftaufwendungen unter Claire frei zu kämpfen und ihrerseits ihre gefürchteten Beinscheren, Breastsmother Pins und andere Moves einzusetzen, doch Claire lässt ihr hierbei nicht viele Möglichkeiten.
Am Ende lassen immer mehr die Kräfte nach es geht aus einem überaus spannenden Kampf eine Siegerin hervor.

2013-04-06 19:36:40
Must-see match for any fan of real wrestling between attractive girls. Kim-Ly has one of the best bodies in wrestling, and Claire is gorgeous. Except for a couple of mixed films in which Claire dominated her opponent, this may have been her finest hour. She often keeps Kim-Ly on the defensive. I won't say who won the match, but after sometimes struggling against smaller girls and not doing well against the best at FD, one wondered when Claire would take that step up to be among the first-tier of wrestlers in Brno. Some girls just don't have the skill to find a place among the best, and despite her strength, maybe Claire would be one of them.

But if she can keep this kind of performance up, she may be the next Denise, a girl with good size who nonetheless was beaten by smaller girls at DWW when she started. But a few years later she was at the same level as the very best, such as Tifany and Petra.

There are some excruciating scissors in this match, but the girls often manage to avoid submissions anyway and find a way out. Claire pins Kim-Ly a few times and would have won falls with a five count, but wily Kim Ly waits as long as possible to break out. Even so, once or twice the referee had a close call regarding whether to continue to count or start over.

Watching this match, the look in one girl's face gives me the impression she is losing throughout much of the match, but in wrestling it sometimes only takes one move to get a submission. So no clues as to who won, but this was one of the best matches FD has produced. And since FD is the best producer on the market, that is saying a lot. Beautiful women, incredible wrestling, highest recommendation. *****