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Bella | 27

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rene | 22

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4,6/5 (5 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins counting to 5 and submission.

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Bella vs. Rene
Bella vs. Rene
Bella vs. Rene
Bella vs. Rene
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2020-05-12 07:28:23
Rene did not want to lose to Bella in her first mixed match, and felt lucky after she proposed that bellyscissors will not be allowed, so it turned in a sort of pins-only match. Rene avoided tens of pins by bridging under brave Bella, and in return gave the girl a taste of his own pins. He was not very aggresive as the score was on his favour, but constant pin attempts by the female made him lose stamina, so in the final fall he succumbed to a dramatic pin by Bella. The interviews are very good, as well as the match of course.

2019-05-21 19:19:23
This was a very close match. Bella fought hard and gave Rene a tough time. She's fun to watch and I agree with rawdev above, she could beat many guys.

I looked up Rene's matches and he's been wrestling on FD for over 6 years. He's able to win against the newer girls because of his experience. He lost many of his early matches but is much better now. These new girls are very good and quite strong.

It's definitely time for FD to find a less experienced average guy. I think Lenora, Telma and Bella could beat even bigger men who are not so experienced. I love seeing the newer girls wrestle and I hope these 3 beauties get another mixed match soon. They deserve another chance.

2019-05-20 14:46:24
Great effort by Bella, although I think Rene did some "illegal" moves (i.e. picking her up and dropping her)... Bella would give a smaller and less skilled guy a real challenge