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Bella | 26

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Pablo | 20

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4,2/5 (6 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins and submission.

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Bella vs. Pablo
Bella vs. Pablo
Bella vs. Pablo
Bella vs. Pablo
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MrMr Smark
2020-12-28 00:49:43
This is a very thrilling match: Bella is a true bitch here, insulting Pablo and promising him to make him cry. She is confident and mean, repeatedly calling the opponent "asshole". Pablo, instead, looks almost desperate and discouraged after all his losses against the girls: he fights bravely but initially it seems almost like he foresees another humiliation. But gradually, as he surprises Bella with effective grapevines and scissors, his confidence starts growing just like Bella's frustration. She is furious that the man is leading the score and she will fight like a beast in order to punish him. I think see Bella angry and frustrated by an opponent she understimated is incredibly sexy.

2020-10-01 10:51:58
This beautiful girl seemed taller and heavier than Pablo, and underestimated this guy after the long series of losses suffered by pablo against female opponents. Again,the girl was allowed to pull hair, again Pablo was very determined from the start, but this time he got lucky with some tight pins wrapping the girl s long legs in very effective grapevines and forcing the cocky female to take the count. Bella was also allowed to slap the guy and after each of her winning points, to sit on Pablo in high SG pins, flexing and mocking him. But Pablo came back strong and took revenge on this adorable beauty winning the match against all odds. Previously, Bella fought very well against strong Rene, lost that match by one point only and pinned the squirming Rene in the last fall, after a dramatic back-and-forth struggle. This is why her loss to Pablo was somehow a surprise. In the armwrestling match, Pablo wanted to win very badly, but Bella did very well, resisting and even taking advantage, he then cheated by lifting his elbow, Bella still resisted, and the struggle continued, Pablo lifted his elbow again, pushing hard, yet her arm did not went down, And then...

2020-09-30 17:54:16
I agree with everything that @jerry said. First of all i must say that iam SUPRISED. I also didnt see that one coming. As we all know, pablo is the worst male fighter and only had one mixed fight win over tamina a while ago. Bella on the other hand had only one mixed fight before and i believe that was against rene over a year ago and i believe she lost 3 to 1. That match was alot closer than the score. It seems like bella has lost some weight, which has also affected some of her power as well in my opinion. She was bigger and stronger in the match against rene in my opinion.

I also must say that i was very impressed by pablo. This match was back and forth for a while and pretty even, and i thought pablo would get tired and pablo would wear him down like the other girls have in the past. WRONG. Pablo was DETERMINED to end his losing streak. He FINALLY used his legs, was consistent with his pins and most importantly, showed ALOT of toughness and heart. Bella was too cocky and thought she was gonna handle him, and pablo suprised her and kicked her ass.

Overall, very good fight. I would LOVE to see these two in a rematch. I also noticed pablo say he wants to fight a girl that he lost to before. I disagree with that. One win doesnt mean hes ready for that in my opinion. I think he still needs a few more matches against girls whos havent had a mixed match yet. I saw albana was up for it, however i think the perfect mixed fight for pablo would be vs LENA. Iam not sure if he can handle her, and iam not sure if lena could beat him, which makes it interesting. I also think ganet, bonie, anna maria, jasmina would be really good matches for pablo as well.

2020-09-29 17:32:12
That's the best fight pablo's had yet. Bella is strong (arm wrestling was very even) but she couldn't get out of his grapevine. I think if she would have concentrated on the stomach scissors, she might have won. However, nothing against Pablo, he had his best match yet. He seemed to overcome his lack of conditioning in this match which usually dooms him to lose.

2020-09-29 13:16:57
Wow!!! I didn't see that coming.

2020-09-29 11:02:23
Pablo did a great job here. He finally learned how to use his energy and how to take a points. Think Bella was hundred percent sure that she would win the match but this time there was a different Pablo on the mat. Actually he surprised us even Bella with his performance. At the end of the match he said that he wants to match with a girl who beat him before. FD team please give him a chance to take his revenge against Crystl or Sonia (two matches that he was most humiliated) So these rematches would be an amazing for all mixed fans in my opinion.