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Bella | 27

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Lenora | 25

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Rating: 4,6/5 (10 votes)

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Submission only.

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Bella vs. Lenora
Bella vs. Lenora
Bella vs. Lenora
Bella vs. Lenora
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2021-12-21 16:40:15
This was very entertaining. I think another commenter was right that one woman knows better how to get submissions, which helps explain the lopsided score. But it also seemed to me that she's physically stronger and has a higher pain threshold. Even when they put each other in somewhat similar holds, one surrendered very quickly while the other one didn't. I'm not complaining - the intensity stayed high and it made for an interesting sort of dominance.

2021-12-10 16:34:32
An instant favourite. Great wrestling and sexy fighting by the two stunning girls. Trash talk and frustration throughout as they tussle at a frantic pace, swearing at each other constantly. Lots of scissoring, face sitting and rough and tumble. What you see in the sample pics is exactly what you get. Good quality video with steady camera work that frames the subjects well, usually at optimum range, keeping their fantastic bodies and faces simultaneously in frame almost all the time. Sometimes BTS footage isn't worth including; it isn't a problem that there is none here.

2021-12-06 02:50:02
Both girls are pretty well matched physically. They are both fast and athletic and are giving maximum effort, maximum ferocity and maximum hair pulling to gain the advantage and the top position. The difference is that one girl knows how to convert her advantage in the position to make her opponent submit, while the other girl repeatedly acts like she has no earthly idea what to do next to force a submission of her opponent after she gains the advantage on top. The loser in this match needs to develop the "eye of the tiger", that killer instinct to finish off your opponent once you gain the advantage.

2021-12-02 18:45:07
Bella und Lenora sind vom Alter, Größe und Gewicht sehr ähnlich. Es verspricht also ein spannender Kampf zu werden, denn Bella möchte Revanche für ihre herbe Niederlage von Lenoaras Pause. In der Zwischenzeit hat Bella sehr viel Zeit gehabt, um Kampferfahrung zu sammeln und verspricht sich einen Sieg gegen Lenora. Doch wer Lenoar kennt, weiß, dass diese nicht vor hat, gegen eine wie Bella zu verlieren. Lenora hat einige entscheidende Vorteile gegenüber Bella: sie hat einen größeren Busen, mehr Muskeln und sie gibt selten auf. Doch Bella kämpft sehr hart und brutal und hat den Willen, diesmal zu gewinnen. Wer ist am Ende wohl die Siegerin? Auf jeden Fall wird es für eine von beiden die Niederlage ihres Lebens, denn die Siegerin punktet fast im Minutentakt mit immer härteren Beinscheren und Breastsmothers. Es geht ihr nicht nur um einen einfachen Sieg, sie will ihre Gegnerin demütigen und ihr zeigen, wer hier die absolute Cheffin auf der Matte ist. Ein sehr sehenswerter Kampf. Besonders mag ich die Szenen, in denen die überlegene Siegerin kurz bevor sie punktet noch mal beim Facesitting ihren Haarzopf richtet, damit sie bei der Siegerpose besser aussieht. Nur nach dem letzten Punkt öffnet die stolze Siegerin ihre Haare, auch in dem Wissen, dass ihr Oberkörper und vor allem ihr Busen am besten zur Geltung kommt, wenn sie beide Arme nach oben zu den Haaren streckt. Noch lange liegt die Verliererin auf dem Boden vor der stehenden Siegerin, die sie überlegen zur Schau gestellt hat.

2021-11-29 18:18:07
Thank you Mel for the reply. I appreciate your efforts to have behind the scenes, interviews, subtitles, and all of the efforts of FD to showcase the unique personalities of these talented, intelligent, beautiful athletic and courageous women. It seems to me lately from the previews that many of the videos include the women in interesting clothing which they get dressed and undressed. That is always a very nice touch. When I see you answering questions and leaving comments here for the fans, it makes me much more likely to purchase the video. Thank you. Also, I wanted to buy a lot of credits recently in part to reward Fighting Dolls for releasing so many great matches on a daily basis and for bringing top talent back to FD, like Bianca, Pamela Queen and especially Lenora. I also want to reward Fighting Dolls for releasing so many great movies for 1 or 2 credits. That is very much appreciated!

2021-11-29 17:24:37
Enjoyed this battle. Two gorgeous girls same kind of build and hair. Great to see them in an all out catfight. This is a long one folks. Just when you think they are done they come back for more. Maybe this is why there is no BTS? Want to see Lenora going through the Roster at FD and with the odd bearhug Thighscissor thrown in.

2021-11-29 16:35:40
Hello dear fans, unfortunately sometimes there is a situation where you can't shoot behind the scenes. There may be more reasons when the match needs to be prepared, through girls or a time deficit. But we try to shoot 99% behind the scenes.

2021-11-29 14:54:22
Why has FD stopped putting in the behind the scenes footage??!!! Really annoying that it's stopped.

2021-11-29 10:15:30
Wow this was a fight from the start. Nonstop action from the get go between these two beautiful fighters. A great rivalry between these two and it was one of the best that I have seen from FD. Great job to Bella and Lenora, a superb fight.