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Anni | 33

Height: 5'6" (166 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Wrestling, Catfight, Topless, Nude, Erotic

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Viktor | 22

Height: 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight: 147 lbs (67 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4,8/5 (10 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins counting to 10 and submission. Balanced fight and result.

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Anni vs. Viktor
Anni vs. Viktor
Anni vs. Viktor
Anni vs. Viktor
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2021-07-08 18:43:21
Mr Mo I agree Lena would be a fair opponent for Pablo as would a rematch with Bella and Lolitta,both whom he has beaten before.I can't comment on Ganet because I have never seen her fight but Pablo's fight with Ketrin was one of the best mixed fights I've seen and hopefully FD could arrange a rematch?

2021-07-06 18:14:33
@octopussy I agree with most of your comments. However, I think Anni would absolutely tear Pablo apart in a match. I think she is too strong for him and would just simply destroy him. However, in my opinion I think the perfect fight would be against Lena. Apparently, Lena doesn't do mixed matches, but then again, I thought Anni wasn't doing mixed matches as well, so maybe Lena would change her mind against someone like Pablo? Who knows. I also think a rematch with Bella or against genetic would be a interesting match for Pablo as well. What do u think?

2021-07-06 13:00:51
A very entertaining and hard fought fight with plenty of emotion and wrestling skills.Viktor is an awkward opponent for most of the girls due to his height advantage but Anni coped with it very well and was the aggressor for most of the fight and I agree with Mr Mo that she would probably have won had the fight been longer.I thought Anni was very entertaining with her vibrant personality and will to win and certainly brought the best out of Viktor whos sometimes can wrestle a bit defensively.I hope Anni continues to do more more mixed matches ,possibly against Pablo?I saw a picture of him with Melissa in one of her latest fights and he looked badly beaten so I hope he is ok?

2021-07-04 08:59:09
The guy is overconfident and cocky, letting this beautiful ambitious girl make the first move at the beginning of every fall. She is nervous, not knowing what to expect from a taller, lithe, male opponent, but engages him bravely and the fight is very dramatic. They are very even in strength and ambition, Viktor s arrogance grows after some early success with a very sexy headscissor over bridging Anni, that finished her after a hard struggle. But he gets punished as well, being pinned by the ruthless blonde in very real and sweaty struggles. They get furious as time goes on, both angered by the even score, Viktor pins her without mercy, with his crotch on her chin, some of the best pins by males over females ever, but she pays him back and a very upset Viktor cannot avoid some very sexy high sg-pins by sweaty Anni. Very good match

2021-07-03 10:42:52
Very Good fight. I thought anni didnt want to do mixed fight... butttttt i guess she changed her mind lol. I think the one and only time anni did a mixed match was against rene yearsssss ago and she lost that one. In this fight she has obviously really improved and got alot stronger and much better with her tactics. I honestly believe if they had another 5 minutes in the time she would of won. The mistake she made was doing the arm wrestling at the end. However, the WRESTLING was a EVEN score. Anni made the mistake of allowing viktor to get the full body press on her twice and that was the difference. However, anni seems to have really strong core strength and if they have a rematch i think she could beat him. FD said before anni was against mixed match and i like the fact that they asked her why in the beginning of the match. It seems like after the match she really enjoyed it and might be more open to mixed matches now. Maybe the other girls who dont like the mixed matches might change their minds as well. Overall very good match.