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Andy | 29

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Mixed

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Roman |

Wrestling, Mixed

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Movie Description

Mixed-wrestling-match topless – pins-and-submission in the studio – one-sided-mixed-match. Blonde Andy is the most-improving-wrestler of the last year – now Andy is one of the best and strongest and most experienced wrestler in the czech fighting-dolls-team.

She train in the gym regularly – she has lots of fights in the last months – she improved so much in the last year – she is so aggressively and offensively in every match – and Andy is in fantastic strong shape! Andy is too much for many guys on the mat yet and she beat lots of guys in their private mixed-sessions at the fighting-dolls-events.

In this mixed-movie new-mixed-man Roman was brave and self-confident in the first minutes – but then Andy showed him her strength and power and speed and wrestling-experience – and it became a one-sided-mixed-match.
there are falls with grapevine-pins incl. breastsmothering + reverse bodyscissors + headlocks + headscissors + bodyscissors + headlock incl. breastsmothering and more grapevine-pincounts till 10.

Andy – one of the best and strongest wrestler in the fighting-dolls-team yet – and Andy enjoy to beat and destroy guys in mixed-matches!

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Andy vs. Roman
Andy vs. Roman
Andy vs. Roman
Andy vs. Roman
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2015-03-17 22:07:11
This is really an awesome match if you want to see a woman completely dominate a man who is trying to fight back the best he can. In the beginning the fighters are both agressive but after Andy scored some points Roman turned more defensive. You can see the fear in his eyes everytime Andy attacks him. To make it even worse she taunts him after she has gotten a submission from him. A humiliating defeat for Roman.

2014-06-17 07:05:31
Ein geradezu hilfloser Roman ist gegen eine unaufhaltsame Andy absolut überfordert. Sie beherrscht ihn nach belieben und führt ihn Runde für Runde immer wieder vor. Es ist für jeden Fan, besonders denen von Andy, zwar immer wieder schön zu sehen wie sie einen Mann dominiert, allerdings ist dieser Fight dann doch etwas zu einseitig und Roman gibt auch immer wieder viel zu schnell auf. So entwickelt sich gar kein richtiger Kampf. Kein Wunder das Andy, diese schöne und starke junge Frau, sich immer wieder lustig macht über ihren Gegner der keiner ist.

2014-03-12 09:21:21
Well ANDY you are the only girl i really want to wrestle and want to TAME on the mats..You did awesome job against Roman and you are truly amazing wrestler..You were agressive in this match..I wont tell the score but i can tell you ANDY crushed Roman...