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Anastasia | 37

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Mixed, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic

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Sistiana | 25

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Trib, Erotic

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Movie Description

Pins and submission. One sided match.

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Anastasia vs. Sistiana
Anastasia vs. Sistiana
Anastasia vs. Sistiana
Anastasia vs. Sistiana
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2024-03-19 05:21:17
I have the greatest respect and admiration for Anastasia and Sistiana and the courage they both displayed by stepping onto the mat and competing in what was an extremely rough, physical and at times, brutal match. This bout featured some very hard open-handed slaps (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 indicating maximum force, I'd rate these as a painful 8), reflected by the bright red marks on the back, thighs and buttocks of each competitor. Virtually all the submissions were gained by front or reverse face-sitting pins. One wrestler scored a decisive victory, though the brave loser did have her moments. I found the result of the pre-match arm wrestling contest to be a bit of a surprise. The BTS dressing room footage showed a rather friendly, relaxed mood as the two women prepared for their upcoming match. However, once they stepped onto the mat the atmosphere became very quiet and tense, both women fully aware of the severe physical. psychological and emotional test they were about to face.