Andy vs. Edita FD1595 | 21:19
1968 days ago
Laila vs. Vladka FD1593 | 20:56

Both girls had never wrestled together and each of them have great respect before this match.

1969 days ago
Anni vs. Mariella FD1584 | 22:00
1976 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Salma FD1578 | 24:14

This is the match between the two great rivals .During the fight you will see a real quarrel

1977 days ago
Edita vs. Kim-Ly FD1574 | 22:02

Kim-Ly not make the same submission, each point must be different.

1984 days ago
Andy vs. Laila FD1571 | 24:34

Submission only.

1984 days ago
Anni vs. Sharon FD1565 | 20:14

This is a very intense and fast with somebody slapping catfight. Both girls after some time again started doing matches with hairpulling.

1990 days ago
Edita vs. Miranda FD1551 | 23:25
1998 days ago
Deli vs. Jane FD1546 | 33:47
2003 days ago
Isabel vs. Vladka FD1535 | 22:56
2011 days ago
Isabel vs. Miranda FD1533 | 19:57
2012 days ago
Andy vs. Salma FD1531 | 29:18

Salma says in an interview that she want revanche of event, where she clearly lost against Andy.

2012 days ago
Miranda vs. Vladka FD1526 | 16:40

Hard body and face slapping, no scissors.

2017 days ago
Laila vs. Salma FD1525 | 22:30

Laila is very strong and she was at a competition in bodybuilding.This time, she will have very hard opponent Salma.

2018 days ago
Andy vs. Monique FD1521 | 21:13
2019 days ago
Isabel vs. Zamira FD1515 | 22:29

Submission only. This movie continues on

2026 days ago
Andy vs. Petra FD1514 | 15:01

In an interview before the match Petra says that none opponent has chance against her.

2026 days ago
Salma vs. Vladka FD1508 | 21:13

This is a very hard match and 100% real. Salma has recently been very strong.

2033 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Monique FD1504 | 29:20
2033 days ago
Salma vs. Kim-Ly FD1493 | 17:57
2047 days ago
Zamira vs. Miranda FD1484 | 22:45
2054 days ago
Eva vs. Kim-Ly FD1483 | 31:24

This is the rematch match that had both girls before 167 days FD-1246. In this match did nobody any submission.

2054 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Andy, Vladka FD1474 | 22:23

Kim-Ly alternately wrestling against Andy and Vladka in very hard slapping catfight.

2061 days ago
Jane vs. Sharon FD1468 | 22:49

One of the opponents choose the rules it wants to have a classic wrestling match. Her rivals after a while stops accepting it and begins pulling her hair.

2066 days ago
Edita vs. Mel FD1461 | 19:24

This carfight begins with a hard face slapping. After the first submission winner will not let the loser and continue holds her in headscissors.

2068 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Andy FD1444 | 26:50

Submission only.

2082 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Miranda FD1428 | 21:28
2096 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Vladka FD1427 | 23:08

Sponsor gave Kim-Ly the option to decide which style of match she wants. She decided for a catfight and in interview she told how she will struggle against Vladka.

2096 days ago
Romi & Tanima & Jane FD1425 | 23:39

Jane wrestles against Tanima and Romi. Jane rivals exchanged after every submission. This erotic but full competitive fight is pins to 5 only with slapping.

2101 days ago
Andy vs. Isabel FD1409 | 12:32
2110 days ago