Mary-Ann vs. Pietro FD0050 | 18:05
3959 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. David FD0049 | 21:40
3959 days ago
Vladka vs. Pietro FD0048 | 19:29
3959 days ago
Denise vs. Marek FD0040 | 21:27
3964 days ago
Mickey vs. Petra FD0038 | 20:44

Petra is one of the best and strongest and most experienced wrestlers in the fighting-dolls-team. And from the first action muscular and well-trained Petra showed slim guy Mickey...

3970 days ago
Mickey vs. Mary-Ann FD0036 | 19:26

Mary-Ann is one of the favourite wrestlers at the fighting-dolls-live-events for many of the live-guests. Every time she is one of the most popular fighters at the audience...

3970 days ago
Luna vs. David FD0033 | 18:22

Which guy want to lose in front of the audience versus an attractive young woman in a competitive wrestling-match? Young David don´t want to lose vs Luna...

3974 days ago
Renata vs. Marek FD0022 | 16:58

In this classic mixed-match in the studio on the mat experienced and muscular and aggressively Renata want to show her “boss” Marek, who is the real boss on the mat!

3984 days ago
Denise vs. Mickey FD0021 | 19:40
3984 days ago
Luna vs. David FD0012 | 22:47

In an interview before this competitive and even appartement-mixed-wrestling-movie David is asked, which type of women he prefer? He said: "The classic women – with big boobs and nice ass".

3994 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Mickey FD0011 | 20:04

First Kim-Ly showed her strenght in arm-wrestling – and she is the only woman who beat Mickey in arm wrestling. It’s no fake. Mickey accepted that Kim-Ly has very stong hands.

3994 days ago
Denise vs. Pietro FD0003 | 20:13

Pietro in interview admits that he had never fight with any woman. But he likes idea woman fighting against man. This competitive Mixed match in the garden vs female-powerhouse Denise...

4011 days ago