Luna vs. Renata FD0026 | 16:40
3499 days ago
Anastasia vs. Pamela FD0013 | 21:17

Both women has opened bill from last fight. They start fight immediately. Pulling hair just shows their rivalries. This very hard catfight with every element of fighting...

3519 days ago
Chrissie vs. Emanuella FD0010 | 20:16

Fighting dolls October Event 2011

3519 days ago
Vladka vs. Denise FD0008 | 20:37
3523 days ago
Anastasia vs. Mary-Ann FD0002 | 23:40

There is rivality between Mary-Ann and Anastasia. The don’t like each other very much. Now they can handle everything and proof which one is favorite. They choose the hardest fight style...

3536 days ago