Claire vs. Chrissie FD0024 | 19:44

Before the match self-confident newcomer Claire said: "I promise that i will beat my opponent!". Of course very ambitious Chrissie does not agree about and so it was a fantastic and absolutely...

3505 days ago
Luna vs. David FD0012 | 22:47

In an interview before this competitive and even appartement-mixed-wrestling-movie David is asked, which type of women he prefer? He said: "The classic women – with big boobs and nice ass".

3519 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Mickey FD0011 | 20:04

First Kim-Ly showed her strenght in arm-wrestling – and she is the only woman who beat Mickey in arm wrestling. It’s no fake. Mickey accepted that Kim-Ly has very stong hands.

3519 days ago
Anastasia vs. Kim-Ly FD0007 | 23:21

This is the first match released from our outstanding october-2011-live-event. And it is a real classic pin-and-submission-wrestling-match: blonde and very aggressively Anastasia...

3523 days ago
Claire vs. Denny FD0005 | 27:29

In interviews before this appartement-sports-match in jeans-shorts the new-wrestling-talents blonde Denny and tall-Claire said, that they only had 3 or 4 fights before...

3523 days ago
Donna vs. Lara FD0001 | 26:57

Pettula wants to discover if Lara and Donna know everything about wrestling. It looks both girls are not experienced as Pettula. She shows them head scissors and challenge them in arm wrestling...

3536 days ago