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Andy vs. Martin (rematch) FD2318 / 69:14

The rematch. This match is at the request of a sponsor, submition only and there is no time limit and without breaks.

1562 days ago
Eva vs. Lucy FD2077 / 28:21

The rules for Eva: pins to submission only, no scissors. The rules for Lucy: everything is permitted.

1721 days ago
Anastasia vs. Lucy & Vera FD2074 / 26:40

This is an interesting variation: Vera and Lucy, two tiny small brunettes of the new generation join forces against Anastasia.

1722 days ago
Isabel vs. Mary-Ann FD2073 / 32:09

Another in a series for the catfight sponsor. Financial bonus from the sponsor makes this match very aggressive.

1722 days ago
Eva vs. Mary-Ann FD2062 / 24:56

Submission only, no bodyscissors. Balanced fight and result.

1729 days ago
Loredana vs. Lucy FD2047 / 26:13

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

1742 days ago
Edita vs. Kim-Ly FD2046 / 27:29

Submission only.

1743 days ago
Doris vs. Kira FD2042 / 25:51

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

1743 days ago
Anna-Maria vs. Sabrina FD2037 / 28:41

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

1749 days ago
Eva vs. Vladka FD2034 / 25:10

Submission only, no scissors.

1750 days ago
Anastasia vs. Loredana FD2025 / 24:27
1757 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Vladka FD2024 / 27:25

There seems to be a never ending story of rivalry between Kim-Ly and Vladka. The prematch interview shows the animosity and they talk about the upcoming fight, this time a catfight.

1757 days ago
Edita vs. Vladka FD2022 / 27:44

Submission only. Each submission must be different.

1763 days ago
Andy vs. Kim-Ly FD2019 / 45:44

Both girls struggling without breaks, after each submition girl what she did point, she makes a opponents for 5 seconds facesitting or breastsmothers then both continue the match. Balanced fight and result.

1764 days ago
Eva vs. Salma FD2011 / 24:28

Submission only.

1770 days ago
Eva vs. Luna FD2009 / 19:24

This match takes place in the living room with some story line intro: Luna tells Eva that she is dressed like a whore.

1771 days ago
Anastasia vs. Mel FD2004 / 25:23

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

1771 days ago
Edita vs. Mary-Ann FD1997 / 27:13

Submission only.

1778 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Salma FD1990 / 31:01

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

1785 days ago
Beata vs. Lucy FD1986 / 24:05

Submission only.

1785 days ago
Beata vs. Deli FD1957 / 25:36

Submission only.

1806 days ago
Andy vs. Eva FD1950 / 23:34

Pins to submission and submission.

1812 days ago
Isabel vs. Luna FD1933 / 26:07

Submission only.

1826 days ago
Andy vs. Salma FD1930 / 25:47

Submission only.

1827 days ago
Andy vs. Mary-Ann FD1929 / 26:00
1827 days ago
Alice vs. Mel FD1926 / 25:08

Pins counting to 10 and submission. Muscle posing.

1831 days ago
Beata vs. Vera FD1924 / 24:39

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

1833 days ago
Eva vs. Mary-Ann FD1913 / 30:16

Submission only.

1841 days ago
Salma vs. Vladka FD1904 / 24:23

Another in a series for the catfight sponsor. Financial bonus from the sponsor makes this match very aggressive and brutal.

1847 days ago
Donna vs. Vera FD1860 / 21:54

Pins to submission.

1876 days ago
Deli vs. Sharon FD1768 / 21:33

Deli and Sharon meet in the garden wearing mini skirts and tops. Since Sharon has much more experience and also a height and weight advantage, the rules of the fight restrict her not to use body scissors.

1939 days ago
Anni vs. Chiara FD1682 / 22:43

Submission only.

2001 days ago
Loredana vs. Mariella FD1575 / 19:41

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2078 days ago
Denny vs. Pamela FD1146 / 19:12

Pamela is a big tits girl and her breasts used to Denny choked and forced to submition. Denny is very combative and reaches several submition on headscissors.

2394 days ago
Monique vs. Salma FD1140 / 26:04

Monique beating Salma in her first catfight in the garden. Therefore, Salma invites her to rematch. Between both girls is great rivalty.

2401 days ago
Susie vs. Zamira FD1097 / 20:37
2429 days ago
Andy vs. Salma FD1088 / 22:34
2436 days ago
Andy vs. Kim-Ly FD1050 / 20:21
2464 days ago
Linda vs. Sharon FD1040 / 19:44

Linda makes the first submition to Sharon on bodyscissors, but Sharon fights on and between both girls is to feel a lot of tension and rivalry.

2477 days ago
Emma vs. Mariella FD1032 / 20:35
2484 days ago
Eva vs. Vladka FD1022 / 19:06

Eva in Santa Claus costume and Vladka in high heels quarrel with each other begins a furious catfight. Both girls are slapping on the body and sometimes on the face.

2492 days ago
Donna vs. Sharon FD0980 / 25:33

Donna arrives to Sharon's country-house and gets out of her car, saying "where is that bitch?" She finds Sharon sitting outside and confronts her about hitting on her man at the disco.

2520 days ago
Donna vs. Edita FD0959 / 19:37

Edita is the most experienced of FD girls and never wants to lose. Edita starts to fight very hard and Donna gets angry. You will see how Donna will escalate her aggression, it is 100% reality.

2541 days ago
Zamira vs. Salma FD0957 / 20:44

Fighting dolls October Event 2014. Matches in front of the audience are more aggressive than normal, because girls want to show off. This is a very balanced catfight with lots of emotions.

2541 days ago
Andy vs. Vladka FD0953 / 19:18

This is very hard and 100% real catfight between the two big girls. You will see a very strong hair pulling, hard slapping and big emotions.

2548 days ago
Chrissie vs. Monique FD0947 / 21:25

Monique as boss jealous of how Chrissie is dressed. She pulls her dress off, but Chrissie repays her it. I think Monique excites do rivals pain, it is confirmed in this fight.

2554 days ago
Andy vs. Petra FD0939 / 20:55
2562 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Peggy FD0929 / 22:47
2569 days ago
Monique vs. Edita FD0926 / 19:26

The fight starts standing quarrel with the real slapping. Then both girls are still on the grass and sometimes is this match on standing. Slapping them in the face and match the aggression escalates.

2575 days ago
Eva vs. Vladka FD0913 / 21:10

Eva is not between girls of FD popular. Some girls as Kim-Ly, Claire and Vladka, hates her. This catfight is handling conflict due to one man.

2589 days ago
Donna vs. Chrissie FD0911 / 19:39

This is very erotic, but also real catfight in oil. Both girls like to do to each other pain and both enjoy it. You'll see a lot of submition on headscissor, many facesitpin, schoolgirl pin and grapevine pin.

2590 days ago
Andy vs. Edita FD0906 / 23:52
2596 days ago
Claire vs. Monique FD0904 / 19:47

Monique asks Claire if she is afraid of. This provokes Claire and begins very hard catfight. In this fight you will see a lot of unusual wrestling positions.

2597 days ago
Emma vs. Salma FD0897 / 19:27

Salma reaches the first point using breastsmothers, than gives Emma a hard facesitting with hairpulling, but Emma it distracts. Catfight is becoming more aggressive and both girls are doing slapping.

2604 days ago
Petra vs. Vladka FD0896 / 19:02

Petra comes to her studios and she discovered, that cleaning lady Vladka place cleanups smokes. Created quarrel and followed fight with the hairpulling.

2604 days ago
Eva vs. Edita FD0890 / 20:11

Both girls have agreed to match on the grass. Edita slaps Eva and provokes her to a catfight. This slapping fight is all the time on the grass. Both rivals wrestling to 100% real.

2611 days ago
Donna vs. Sharon FD0888 / 29:51
2611 days ago
Andy vs. Chrissie FD0882 / 21:05

Andy responds that does not need special rules to it to win. She says confidently that always wins. Andy uses her big tits to the breastsmothers and she greatly enjoys it when rival suffers.

2618 days ago
Carmen vs. Salma FD0874 / 21:52

The fight starts with armwrestling. Salma wants to provoke Carmen and constantly pulling her hair. The first point to reach Salma on breastsmother.

2625 days ago
Eva vs. Kim-Ly FD0872 / 19:04

This catfight is probably of two most beautiful girls of Fighting-dolls, black-haired Kim-Ly and blonde Eva. Kim-Ly reached after 3 minutes the first surrender of headscissor with hairpulling.

2631 days ago
Claire vs. Vladka FD0863 / 20:51

This is a very fast and aggressive catfight with slapping. It seems that Vladka which is much heavier it will be easy, but it is not so. The first submition is achieved in the eighth minute.

2639 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Salma FD0857 / 19:33

Salma ordered a holiday that is Kim-Ly don't like. After altercation beginning to both girls aggressive slapping catfight. Kim-Ly and Salma are very similar types of wrestlers, that at any cost they do not want to give up.

2646 days ago
Andy vs. Eva FD0825 / 21:47
2680 days ago
Chrissie vs. Salma FD0816 / 19:37

Chrissie has fear in initial interview, because Salma can be very insidious. Almost all girls of fighting-dolls don't want to wrestle with her. Chrissie surprise her while sunbathing.

2688 days ago
Salma vs. Monique FD0783 / 22:49
2723 days ago
Mariella vs. Salma FD0780 / 19:32
2729 days ago
Eva vs. Monique FD0772 / 19:06
2737 days ago
Peggy vs. Kim-Ly FD0742 / 20:35

Peggy gets money from the sponsor to provoke and subsequently dealt with Kim-Ly. Kim-Ly is very combative nature and it is clear that it will be hard fight. This catfight starts slapping and tearing clothes. It's a real fight with hairpulling and minimal use of bodyscissors. Full deployment throughout the fight with the use of facesitting, schoolgirl pin, slapping ,headscissors, hairpulling.

2772 days ago
Mariella vs. Edita FD0741 / 19:39
2772 days ago
Mariella vs. Monique FD0729 / 19:41

Mariella and Monique are great rivals because they are similar types. In their fight start both girls aggressively from the start. This catfight is a bit unfair, but it is very spontaneous. It is a confrontation between two women, which is trying to humiliate each other and settle, using facesitting, slapping, hairpulling and verbal humiliation. This fight is very aggressive, sometimes brutal. The second part continues on website.

2786 days ago
Mariella vs. Eva FD0718 / 28:44
2800 days ago
Edita vs. Monique FD0700 / 19:35
2821 days ago
Andy vs. Monique FD0693 / 20:42
2828 days ago
Andy vs. Zamira FD0690 / 20:28
2834 days ago
Edita vs. Claire FD0676 / 18:18
2849 days ago
Edita vs. Donna FD0672 / 21:54
2855 days ago
Andy vs. Edita FD0654 / 19:50
2876 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Petra FD0650 / 20:11
2877 days ago
Luna vs. Petra FD0648 / 22:29
2883 days ago
Petra vs. Andy FD0633 / 20:39
2898 days ago
Andy vs. Eva FD0621 / 19:35
2912 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Mary-Ann FD0612 / 25:17
2925 days ago
Claire vs. Donna FD0608 / 19:48
2926 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Zamira FD0601 / 22:09
2933 days ago
Anni vs. Vanesa FD0593 / 17:57
2946 days ago
Chrissie vs. Mary-Ann FD0592 / 22:22

Exciting and even new catfight in the garden with lots of emotions and ambition between 2 experienced and strong attractive young women - first topless - later nude.

2947 days ago
Anastasia vs. Kim-Ly FD0588 / 20:37
2953 days ago
Mariella vs. Zamira FD0580 / 16:51

This movie continues on

2961 days ago
Claire vs. Andy FD0575 / 21:38
2967 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Andy FD0573 / 23:07

Fighting-dolls used the summer-time for another very exciting topless-catfight in the garden with 2 of the most popular and 2 of the best wrestlers in the fighting-dolls-team - Kim-Ly vs Andy.

2968 days ago
Pamela vs. Peggy FD0569 / 23:46
2974 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Pamela FD0556 / 22:04
2988 days ago
Mel vs. Crystl FD0548 / 22:22
2996 days ago
Andy vs. Chrissie FD0540 / 20:53
3003 days ago
Emma vs. Eva FD0537 / 18:25

This movie continues on

3010 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Andy FD0535 / 19:04
3010 days ago
Chrissie vs. Peggy FD0531 / 19:54
3017 days ago
Eva vs. Kim-Ly FD0530 / 20:50
3017 days ago
Andy vs. Mel FD0528 / 20:31
3023 days ago
Anastasia vs. Kim-Ly FD0440 / 25:32
3108 days ago
Emma vs. Mandy FD0434 / 24:52
3108 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Sandra FD0402 / 22:48
3143 days ago
Zamira vs. Verona FD0373 / 23:16
3171 days ago
Donna vs. Monique FD0365 / 17:57

This movie continues on

3178 days ago
Mel vs. Zamira FD0355 / 16:15

This movie continues on

3192 days ago
Anni vs. Zamira FD0339 / 27:37
3199 days ago
Pamela vs. Monique FD0316 / 14:03

This movie continues on

3228 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Monique FD0261 / 17:37
3276 days ago
Ingrid vs. Pia FD0249 / 22:02
3290 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Chrissie FD0246 / 16:49

Fighting dolls October Event 2012

3290 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Emanuela FD0154 / 21:36
3388 days ago
Denise vs. Mary-Ann FD0148 / 19:16
3395 days ago
Nina vs. Pamela FD0077 / 22:25

Nina's first catfight - headscissors, schoolgirl pin, bodyscissors and bodypress.

3471 days ago
Luna vs. Renata FD0026 / 16:40
3509 days ago
Antonia vs. Sandra FD0019 / 25:37
3522 days ago
Anastasia vs. Pamela FD0013 / 21:17

Both women has opened bill from last fight. They start fight immediately. Pulling hair just shows their rivalries. This very hard catfight with every element of fighting...

3529 days ago
Vladka vs. Denise FD0008 / 20:37
3533 days ago
Anastasia vs. Mary-Ann FD0002 / 23:40

There is rivality between Mary-Ann and Anastasia. The don’t like each other very much. Now they can handle everything and proof which one is favorite. They choose the hardest fight style...

3546 days ago