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On Fighting Dolls pages you can see matches between women and between man and woman. You can see a real struggle in wrestling, catfight, nude wrestling and mixed matches. Some fights are with erotic content. Female wrestlers trying to defeat a second with holds e.g.: scissors, head scissors, grapevine pin, schoolgirl pin, crossbody press, boston crab, bodypress and hair-pulling. Women wrestlers are in different weight categories, some are active athletes, other professional models and some ordinary girls with a normal job.

You have insight into the world full offer quality real wrestling matches, emotions, victories, defeats and erotics.

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Kim-Ly vs. Luna20:52

Kim-Ly vs. Luna

FD1046 | Wrestling, Topless, Facesitting, Breast Smother, Apartment

In this match you will see a lot of positions, body to body, breastsmothers, crossbodypresspins. All pins count the girls themselves to 5.

3 days ago

Denny vs. Linda23:08

Denny vs. Linda

FD1045 | Wrestling, Topless, Studio, Breast Smother

This is a classic wrestling match between two girls which have similar figures black-haired and blonde. They allowed all grips and pins is count themselves girls to 10.

4 days ago

Emanuela vs. Miranda18:47

Emanuela vs. Miranda

FD1043 | Trash Talk, Topless, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Apartment

Emanuela choking her large breasts Miranda and wants to her give up. Miranda has a great strength in the legs and the first submission to make on bodyscissors.

4 days ago

Linda vs. Sharon19:44

Linda vs. Sharon

FD1040 | Trash Talk, Studio, Oil, Nude, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother

Linda makes the first submition to Sharon on bodyscissors, but Sharon fights on and between both girls is to feel a lot of tension and rivalry.

10 days ago

Chiara vs. Tania19:04

Chiara vs. Tania

FD1038 | Trash Talk, Topless, Studio, Wrestling

If you want to see how white girls dominated by black, then this is the match for you. Tania is a novice, but in this fight has no chance.

11 days ago

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