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On Fighting Dolls pages you can see matches between women and between man and woman. You can see a real struggle in wrestling, catfight, nude wrestling and mixed matches. Some fights are with erotic content. Female wrestlers trying to defeat a second with holds e.g.: scissors, head scissors, grapevine pin, schoolgirl pin, crossbody press, boston crab, bodypress and hair-pulling. Women wrestlers are in different weight categories, some are active athletes, other professional models and some ordinary girls with a normal job.

You have insight into the world full offer quality real wrestling matches, emotions, victories, defeats and erotics.

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Mel vs. Tania19:28

Mel vs. Tania

FD0978 | Trash Talk, Topless, Studio, Facesitting, Wrestling

Curvaceous newbie, Tania, has a match under her belt and is ready to prove that, even though she is new to fighting, she can hold her own here at Fighting Dolls.

today new

Eva vs. Chrissie21:21

Eva vs. Chrissie

FD0977 | Trash Talk, Topless, Slapping, Jeans, Hair Pulling, Garden, Facesitting, Catfight

Eva storms onto Chrissie's countryside land, accusing Chrissie of having sex with her man. But Chrissie seems amused at Eva's paranoia, and the two begin pushing and exchanging jabs.

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Pamela vs. Mariella16:41

Pamela vs. Mariella

FD0975 | Trash Talk, Studio, Nude, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother

Mariella is in each match very emotional this match is no exception. This catfight is very erotic and both girls use everything to make her opponent devastated.

1 days ago

Kim-Ly vs. Linda22:26

Kim-Ly vs. Linda

FD0974 | Wrestling, Topless, Studio, Oil, Interview, Breast Smother

Oil fights are always sexy. Linda, a proven newcomer with several wins already, has performed a couple of excellent and highly erotic oil matches. But, in her words, this is her first true oil fight.

1 days ago

Miranda vs. Chiara22:22

Miranda vs. Chiara

FD0973 | Trash Talk, Topless, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Armwrestling

Miranda is a moonlighting bikini model, but the beautiful Chiara secretly believes she should be receiving all the acclaim. Jealous trash-talking transforms into a ruined photo shoot, and a catfight ensues.

1 days ago

Claire vs. Donna20:32

Claire vs. Donna

FD0972 | Topless, Studio, Facesitting, Event, Breast Smother, Armwrestling, Wrestling

Fighting dolls October Event 2014. Very intense match of two very pretty girls, Claire is much heavier and uses her weight to schoolgirl pin and reverse schoolgirl pin. Donna is very fast and uses her powers to breastsmothers and headscissors.

1 days ago

Crysl vs. Salma21:28

Crysl vs. Salma

FD0971 | Topless, Mat, Interview, Hair Pulling, Garden, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother

Catfight topless with the rules „facesitting + headscissors“ in the garden – with facesitting-bonus at the end. First are long interviews before the match with both wrestlers – Crystl and Salma both in hot mini-dress on the mat in the garden.

7 days ago

Kim-Ly vs. Vladka20:17

Kim-Ly vs. Vladka

FD0969 | Topless, Studio, Oil, Interview, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Trash Talk

During the interview, Kim-Ly believe that Vlaďka defeats in catfight. Kim-Ly choking Vlaďka using breastsmother and gives her strong headscissor. Vladka reciprocate to her and adds reverse schoolgirl pin.

7 days ago

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