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On Fighting Dolls pages you can see matches between women and between man and woman. You can see a real struggle in wrestling, catfight, nude wrestling and mixed matches. Some fights are with erotic content. Female wrestlers trying to defeat a second with holds e.g.: scissors, head scissors, grapevine pin, schoolgirl pin, crossbody press, boston crab, bodypress and hair-pulling. Women wrestlers are in different weight categories, some are active athletes, other professional models and some ordinary girls with a normal job.

You have insight into the world full offer quality real wrestling matches, emotions, victories, defeats and erotics.

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Marina vs. Tanima14:08

Marina vs. Tanima

FD1175 | Wrestling, Topless, Studio, Interview

Pins counting to 10 and submission.

4 days ago

Luna vs. Teresia12:20

Luna vs. Teresia

FD1174 | Trash Talk, Topless, Studio, Facesitting, Wrestling

This is part of the match and demonstration training of Fighting dolls. Luna trainee her friend Teresia who had brought to the Fighting dolls.

4 days ago

Emanuela vs. Mel20:53

Emanuela vs. Mel

FD1172 | Studio, Interview, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Trash Talk

Facesitting to submission and submission on headscissors only.

4 days ago

Denny vs. Chiara23:20

Denny vs. Chiara

FD1171 | Topless, Studio, Interview, Facesitting, Wrestling

Both girls have the initial interview believes that win. Chiara gets Denny into protracted headscissors, but she will not give up.

5 days ago

Andy vs. 4 other girls26:56

Andy vs. 4 other girls

FD1168 | Trash Talk, Topless, Studio, Breast Smother, Wrestling

Andy invites in this video 4 girls - Donna, Isabel, Miranda and Emanuela to wrestling. Each of them says before the match way that she beats all. Andy wrestles with each girl 5-8 minutes.

6 days ago

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