Edita vs. Eva [FD1871]

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Edita (44)

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Fighting styles: Wrestling, Catfight, Nude, Topless, Mixed


Eva (33)

Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Fighting styles: Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

Submission only.

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Edita vs. Eva Comments [8]

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elmarscheppe2019-12-11 19:38:28
An Eva vs Edita Match Up never ever disappoints. NEVER. Just watch this one.

This Movie is one of FD best Top 40 Videos. The Top 1 % from 4000 Videos for me.
Siggi2016-09-17 12:38:03
Edita macht hier im ersten Teil dieses Kampfes nicht nur sportlich sondern auch optisch eine sehr gute Figur, mit immer wieder wirklich sehenswerten Aktionen. Ab Halbzeit geht sie allerdings in den Defensivmodus und der Kampf flacht deutlich ab. Wäre interessant diese Paarung einmal ohne Sponsor Vorgaben zu sehen.
pilo2016-09-15 11:46:10
Well. For my self I wonder what happened at the second point in the match. I think Eva is worth looking at and I will sponsor some match with her.
griff1322016-09-15 02:51:55
AmaPar, to you having them continue to fight means more excitement. To me it breaks the rules and isn't fair to the winner. Especially for the winner when they have had to lay there and take it without fighting back, to now have to continue to try to hold them down just seems unfair.
griff1322016-09-15 02:48:03
It's hard to understand the comments in reply to my review since I specifically stated that it personally ruined it for me, obviously if you are into that then by all means this is your type of content. For me the humiliation of the bonus for the loser is having to just lay there and take it and like I said I haven't seen any other fighter lose and then continue to fight and not let the winner enjoy the bonus. If it was a common occurrence I don't think I would be a customer here anymore (again just me personally obviously I don't know what I am talking about if you are referring to your own personal preferences)
AmaPar2016-09-15 01:46:02
I dont understand griff132 comment. If the loser tried to get out of the facesit humiliation, that is even more exciting because it means the humiliation really works. Sounds like a must watch catfight for any serious fan!
flambruzzo2016-09-14 20:47:46
griff132, you do not know what you talking about.
You have to see the video nearly 30 minutes and girls want to kill almost together.The end is such as it is, this is the reality, no fake.Find the production for you, they make more realistic fight.I myself was there by the fight.Sometimes you can not do anything with things which are real
griff1322016-09-14 18:57:44
The behavior of the loser was so disappointing, maybe stopped struggling for a few seconds. I have never seen any of the other fighters lose and then struggle to get free during the bonus. Personally it ruined it for me, wish I would have skipped this one.

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