Andreas vs. Sandra FD0066 | 25:21
2999 days ago
Tessa vs. Sonia FD0055 | 25:21
3012 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. David FD0049 | 21:40
3015 days ago
Denise vs. Marek FD0040 | 21:27
3020 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Mickey FD0011 | 20:04

First Kim-Ly showed her strenght in arm-wrestling – and she is the only woman who beat Mickey in arm wrestling. It’s no fake. Mickey accepted that Kim-Ly has very stong hands.

3050 days ago
Claire vs. Denny FD0005 | 27:29

In interviews before this appartement-sports-match in jeans-shorts the new-wrestling-talents blonde Denny and tall-Claire said, that they only had 3 or 4 fights before...

3054 days ago
Denise vs. Pietro FD0003 | 20:13

Pietro in interview admits that he had never fight with any woman. But he likes idea woman fighting against man. This competitive Mixed match in the garden vs female-powerhouse Denise...

3067 days ago