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Kim-Ly | 30

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Vito | 29

Height: 5'8" (177 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Kim-Ly vs. Vito
Kim-Ly vs. Vito
Kim-Ly vs. Vito
Kim-Ly vs. Vito
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2013-12-06 10:01:41
A great fight, with Vito doing everything in his power but finding the gorgeous Kim-Ly in her meanest mood. She simply refuses to concede a point and is content to bide her time until she has the chance to put those crippling body scissors and reverse headlocks into action. At least Vito has the consolation of being on the wrong end (right end?) of a few of Kim-Ly's signature breast smothers. What a girl!

2013-07-10 22:08:51
First of all Kim-Ly is the most beautiful girl out there and has an amazing body. It appears that she really has been hitting the gym as she is more toned and even slimmed down a bit, now her body is just PERFECT!! This is a great video as Vito is a tough customer and our weighs the beautiful Kim-ly by 30 lbs, but the 2 of them go at it for real and the fight is very competive. Kim -ly's is an amazingly improved wrestler an Vito after dominating Claire is in for the fight of his life. For those of you that like competitive mixed matches this video is the best one out there.
Lastly Kim-Ly; will you marry me.....:-)? You are the perfect woman!!!!!

2013-07-06 17:48:40
Forgot to mention that there are five falls scored. Two falls are won with grapevine/breast smothers. The first goes to a 10-count pin, while one wrestler has to tap before 10 in the second. Third fall is a kind of headlock-choke. The last two falls are won with body scissors, the hold that Vito used to get Claire in trouble a time or two. Vito is more muscular and stronger than most of the guys at FD, so Kim-Ly has her work cut out for her. IMO, what really separates Kim-Ly (aside from her skill) is her extraordinary ability to withstand punishment. One gets the feeling she's the type who would put her hand over a fire, leave it there longer than anyone else, and afterward act as if she hardly felt it. She's truly one of the top stars I have seen in female wrestling.

2013-07-05 20:59:53
WOW! What an amazing performance by Kim-Ly. I'm not sure she isn't the best at FD now outside of Tiffany. Without giving away any results, Vito is a really strong guy who gave Claire all she wanted in FD-0497. Vito has his moments in this match as well, but Kim-Ly's indomitable will to win and her attacking style are magnificent to watch. Truly an outstanding effort by Kim-Ly, and yet another great mixed film from FD. Does any other company even come close to this kind of action? I don't think so.