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Andy | 29

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Mixed

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Kim-Ly | 30

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Movie Description

Another in a series for the catfight sponsor. Financial bonus from the sponsor makes this match very aggressive. In this match is everything allowed. Winner is for three minutes sitting on the face of the losers. Submission only. Balanced fight and result.

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Andy vs. Kim-Ly
Andy vs. Kim-Ly
Andy vs. Kim-Ly
Andy vs. Kim-Ly
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Andy vs. Kim-Ly Comments | 10

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2020-08-24 07:18:13
The two of the strongest girls in FD fights each other with all of their strength. The most beautiful moment is when one girl uses up all of her power and let her opponent finish her off. You must watch.

2019-11-29 15:28:48
Brilliant. This was when Kim-Ly was in peak physical condition. The combination of curves and muscle definition, allied to a real fighting spirit is all in evidence here. A wonderful video. Andy was an absolute ruthless fighter, though. She sought not only to dominate them physically, but break their fighting spirit, too.

2018-05-15 10:24:30
WOW, these are the top two girls here at FD very skilled and quick, great tall amazons in competitive action, and what very attractive girls they are too, sometimes I can't believe what I am seeing. WOW

2018-01-13 12:35:01
I think this is the first time i see kim ly craying at FD
It happen ones at DWW when pia defated her at a sgp match

Also this is the first time from about more than 2 years . I see kim ly lossing at a facesitting bounc match

It was aginst chirssie
Back then she losess the catfight but won the facesitting
Exept that match and her first compo match aginst mary ann (( back then she losess the two match aginst mary ann , catfight and facesitting ))
She won all of her facesitting bounc matches
Compos and trnoumnt and all
Inclouding 3 beating for andy her self and another 3 for vladka
And 5 for salma and more other great wrestler like claire ,isable,zamira,edita,eva and mary ann herself after her comeback (( she become too weak ))
Thay all get a fecesatting by kim ly
But i think she never beat petra like andy

At the end i must say

The leagend end .....

2018-01-10 13:51:05
I am impressed. Everytime these two make a great new match. Many nice pins specially a grapevine pin where the one lying down cannot move completely. At the end one gets more and more helpless with great domination and humiliation scene.
Enjoy watching! :-)

2018-01-09 21:46:51
Beim Bizeps-Posing vor dem Kampf hatte ich den Eindruck, dass Kim-Ly viel muskulöser ist, als Andy. Kim-Ly wiegt bei gleicher Größe auch 7 kg mehr, als Andy. Doch Andy ist in letzter Zeit besser durchtrainiert, als Kim-Ly. Aber ein Kampf zwischen diesen beiden ist immer spannend und die beiden schenken sich auch diesmal nichts. Ein harter Kampf mit einem knappen aber klaren Ergebnis für eine von beiden. Wer gewinnt wohl diesmal?

2018-01-08 23:50:09
Finnaly some1 is kicking Kim-Ly's ass ;) Fantastic match between best girls on FD! Recommended for all grapevine / breast smother fans!!!

2018-01-08 21:02:13
Watching these two strong and beautiful women against each other is always a pleasure. They are the stars of FD and so well paired together that the show is granted. There was a time in which Kim-Ly would have destroyed Andy without any chance. Now that things have changed and these two amazons really are equal, with Andy winning some matches in the recent times. Will Kim-Ly be able to establish her dominance once again in this catfight? Slow pace, aggressiveness, tough holds and pins. One lady scores 2 submissions, the other scores 0 and lost visibly. The final humiliation is merciless and shows great dominance by the winner. Impressive.

2018-01-08 18:10:49
Ich muss gestehen, in einen solchen Kampf, mit diesen Regeln hätte ich diese beiden top Stars nicht gegeneinander geschickt. Ich denke auch in anderen Paarungen hätten wir von diesen Beiden bessere Kämpfe zu sehen bekommen.

2018-01-08 15:32:26
Wow, just wow. You have to see this to grasp that this actually took place... wow