5'8" (177 cm)

147 lbs (67 kg)

Fighting styles
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude

Stella's Videos

Emanuela vs. Stella FD1224 | 21:13
3246 days ago
Crystl vs. Stela FD0824 | 22:21
3588 days ago
Stella vs. Zamira FD0802 | 13:05

Zamira has promised from sponsor $ 100 when Stella execute in catfight. Sponsor wishes to rule only on the hair pulling, choking boobs and facesitting, no scissors.

3610 days ago
Stella vs. Mariella FD0798 | 20:49
3616 days ago
Anni vs. Stella FD0791 | 31:14
3624 days ago
Eva vs. Stella FD0779 | 18:25

Fighting dolls Spring Event 2014

3637 days ago
Stella vs. Salma FD0761 | 19:19

Catfight in garden - nude. Stella and Salma are both 2014-newcomers in the fighting-dolls-team. Both are strong young women with well-trained sports-bodies and especially redhead Salma is fighting as a new wrestling-jewel.

3658 days ago
Stella vs. Susie FD0754 | 18:15

Garden-wrestling nude- pins-only + pins-to-submissions. First garden-wrestling-movie in spring-2014. Strong 2014-newcomer Stella challenge busty blonde 2013-newcomer Susie.

3666 days ago
Donna vs. Stella FD0744 | 21:14

Wrestling pins-and-submission - nude - in the fighting-dolls-studio - between strong new sports-girl Stella vs experienced busty sexy Donna.

3679 days ago
Stella vs. Vendy FD0723 | 19:38

Stella is in the initial interview very self confident. Fight from the beginning very fast and aggressive. Most of the seven submition is of schoolgirl pin, bodypress, breasts mothers. In this fight is a lot of emotion. Fight is very balanced. At the end of the fight is the next interview. I think Stella is a real wrestling talent.

3701 days ago
Chiara vs. Stella FD0715 | 19:02
3707 days ago