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Duke vs. Sharon14:17

Duke vs. Sharon

FD2432 | Wrestling, Topless, Mixed, Breast Smother, Apartment

Pins to submission and submission.

688 days ago

Deli vs. Sharon21:33

Deli vs. Sharon

FD1768 | Trash Talk, Topless, Mat, Hair Pulling, Garden, Facesitting, Catfight

Deli and Sharon meet in the garden wearing mini skirts and tops. Since Sharon has much more experience and also a height and weight advantage, the rules of the fight restrict her not to use body scissors.

1143 days ago
Emanuela vs. Salma6:09

Emanuela vs. Salma

FD1748 | Topless, Mat, Interview, Headlock, Hair Pulling, Garden, Catfight, Breast Smother, Trash Talk

Match 3/4. The winner of the armwrestling tournament between Kim-Ly, Salma, Mary-Ann and Emanuela choose for her team one girl.

1157 days ago

Loredana vs. Mariella19:41

Loredana vs. Mariella

FD1575 | Trash Talk, Topless, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Apartment

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

1282 days ago

Janina vs. Tanima13:58

Janina vs. Tanima

FD1558 | Topless, Studio, Grapevines, Breast Smother, Wrestling

Pins counting to 5 only.

1295 days ago
Luna vs. Monique19:01

Luna vs. Monique

FD1547 | Topless, Studio, Event, Breast Smother, Wrestling

Pins counting to 10 and submission. Fighting Dolls October Event 2015.

1302 days ago

Luna vs. Tania30:55

Luna vs. Tania

FD1346 | Studio, Oil, Nude, Facesitting, Erotic, Breast Smother, Wrestling

Nude semicompetitive wrestling, pins to 10 only.

1457 days ago
Duke vs. Zamira19:38

Duke vs. Zamira

FD1206 | Wrestling, Trash Talk, Topless, Studio, Mixed, Event, Breast Smother

Fighting Dolls Spring Event 2015.

1555 days ago

Denny vs. Pamela19:12

Denny vs. Pamela

FD1146 | Trash Talk, Topless, Slapping, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Apartment

Pamela is a big tits girl and her breasts used to Denny choked and forced to submition. Denny is very combative and reaches several submition on headscissors.

1598 days ago

Claire vs. Chrissie19:51

Claire vs. Chrissie

FD0950 | Topless, Studio, Facesitting, Event, Breast Smother, Armwrestling, Wrestling

Fighting dolls October Event 2014

1752 days ago

Lada vs. Loren19:27

Lada vs. Loren

FD0155 | Wrestling, Nude, Facesitting, Apartment

This movie continues on www.trib-dolls.com...

2592 days ago

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