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Justina vs. Sindy20:02

Justina vs. Sindy

FD0983 | Wrestling, Topless, Studio, Breast Smother

Sindy may be a newcomer, but one look at her says it all: this girl definitely knows how to fight. Conflicts usually find cute girls, and they always find hot ones.

776 days ago

Donna vs. Sharon25:33

Donna vs. Sharon

FD0980 | Topless, Slapping, Mat, Jeans, Hair Pulling, Garden, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Trash Talk

Donna arrives to Sharon's country-house and gets out of her car, saying "where is that bitch?" She finds Sharon sitting outside and confronts her about hitting on her man at the disco.

776 days ago
Emanuela vs. Salma20:57

Emanuela vs. Salma

FD0979 | Topless, Studio, Facesitting, Event, Breast Smother, Wrestling

From the recent live event, Salma and Emanuela face off. Salma has been fighting now for close to a year, and can certainly hold her own against even the best.

776 days ago

Andy vs. Vladka19:18

Andy vs. Vladka

FD0953 | Trash Talk, Topless, Slapping, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Breast Smother, Apartment

This is very hard and 100% real catfight between the two big girls. You will see a very strong hair pulling, hard slapping and big emotions.

804 days ago
Emma vs. Linda21:59

Emma vs. Linda

FD0951 | Wrestling, Topless, Studio, Event, Breast Smother

Fighting dolls October Event 2014. Both girls have similar figure and therefore it seems that this will be balanced fight. Linda does breastsmothers, but Emma walk away from this without losing a point.

804 days ago

Donna vs. Chrissie19:39

Donna vs. Chrissie

FD0911 | Studio, Oil, Nude, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight

This is very erotic, but also real catfight in oil. Both girls like to do to each other pain and both enjoy it. You'll see a lot of submition on headscissor, many facesitpin, schoolgirl pin and grapevine pin.

846 days ago

Armwrestling No. 59:29

Armwrestling No. 5

FD0558 | Topless, Studio, Garden, Armwrestling

Special Armwrestling Compilation Movie No. 5

1244 days ago

Mary-Ann vs. Vladka24:12

Mary-Ann vs. Vladka

FD0411 | Wrestling, Topless, Studio, Event

Fighting dolls October Event 2012

1392 days ago

Mel vs. Zamira13:08

Mel vs. Zamira

FD0300 | Nude, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Catfight, Apartment

This movie continues on www.trib-dolls.com...

1497 days ago

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