Claire vs. Vito [FD0497]

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Claire (23)

Height: 5'9"(178 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Fighting styles: Catfight, Wrestling, Topless


Vito (29)

Height: 5'8" (177 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Fighting styles: Wrestling, Mixed

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Boffin2016-06-21 12:11:27
Although I personally will never quite understand the jeans 'thing', or the need for the pointless spell of arm-wrestling, this is a great production, not least aesthetically, as the contrast of light and shade in an outdoors setting creates an almost artistic feel. As ever, Claire gives everything she has, although her repertoire of moves continues to be too limited. Vito is a very worthwhile opponent and the entire match is admirably competitive and keenly-fought. All in all, a brilliant video which might even have been a classic with the absence of jeans and arm-wrestling.
Joecancer2013-07-03 17:39:56
This is quite a match. Below are my scores:
Skill: 5/5
Intensity level: 5/5 (Claire is great as always and does not back down even though he is just as skilled and stronger)
Competitiveness: 4/5 (the match is closer than the final score)
Production: 4/5 (outdoor on grass with jeans was a good change of pace; I didn't really like that they edited out all the breaks in the action; also, I would much rather see a brief interview at the end than arm wrestling. But these are minor quibbles).
Compelling: 5/5.

Overall score: 4.6.

This is a great match, and I would love to see the rematch indoors.
Greg2013-07-01 21:53:15
FDO497 Claire vs. Vito will appeal to the fan that enjoys seeing the guy dominate in a mixed match. Claire went all out and tried as hard as she could, but was thoroughly outclassed by Vito. From a standing start, Claire would try to apply a head lock to gain leverage but Vito could easily pick her up off her feet and toss her to the ground. He stayed on top while Claire spent the majority of her time pinned on her back. Nothing she tried would work as Vito could easily escape every hold she tried to apply. Claire couldn’t escape Vito’s scissors hold and would shout her frustration whenever it was applied. If you are a Claire fan and enjoy listening to her become increasingly vocal and emotional following the loss of each fall, you will enjoy this match.
Stephen2013-06-27 13:48:10
This film will be especially enjoyable to those who like mixed matches in which the guy gives a strong performance. Vito is a pretty muscular, strong guy. Fighting on the grass and sometimes almost in dirt makes this match appeared very hard-fought, as you see grass and dirt on the wrestlers, and the girl's hair gets disheveled and filled with grass. Five falls are scored in all, three by body press pins and two by body scissors. Vito is not only tough, he has some skill even though he's a newcomer. If you like to see the girl dominate, you may not like this one, but if you prefer mixed matches with stronger guys who can give as well as they take, this is a film you'll want to see.

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