Denny vs. Romi FD1331 | 24:20

Submission only catfight.

1928 days ago
Emanuela vs. Mary-Ann FD1323 | 20:54

Submission only catfight.

1935 days ago
Crystl vs. Salma FD1307 | 20:39

Submission only, chinlock.

1948 days ago
Isabel vs. Salma part no. 2 FD1281 | 9:53
1963 days ago
Isabel vs. Salma part no. 1 FD1280 | 18:48
1963 days ago
Andy vs. Salma FD1237 | 18:56

This slapping match is all the time on the grass. From the beginning of Andy's dominance, but Salma with her aggression equalize and she begins to have a preponderance

1997 days ago
Miranda vs. Zamira FD1234 | 29:15
1998 days ago
Andy vs. Kim-Ly FD1226 | 22:11
2004 days ago
Mel vs. Pamela FD1201 | 21:41
2019 days ago
Denny vs. Mariella FD1190 | 20:54
2026 days ago
Chrissie vs. Peggy FD1157 | 22:26

Peggy slaps Chrissie in the face, but she gets down and makes her schoolgirlpins and headscissors. From 7 minute both girls struggling without jeans only in tangs.

2054 days ago
Denny vs. Justina FD1136 | 22:45
2068 days ago
Anni vs. Denny FD1119 | 19:55

Crystle and Isabel bets money, who of the two girls Anni and Denny wins the match and and they watch the match from sofas.

2082 days ago
Andy vs. Monique FD1100 | 23:45

Andy hears a conversation between Monique and Isabel. Both girls say about her that she is in the match insidious. Andy and Monique will say face-to-face, that they will fight.

2096 days ago
Andy vs. Salma FD1088 | 22:34
2103 days ago
Emanuela vs. Mariella FD1074 | 19:02
2115 days ago
Chiara vs. Mel FD1071 | 26:18
2116 days ago
Denny vs.Mel FD1070 | 22:41

This match is submition only. Denny is in all their matches very aggressive. In this fight she reconfirms against very experienced Mel and the first submition to the headlock done in the first minute.

2117 days ago
Denny vs. Donna FD1056 | 20:14
2124 days ago
Anni vs. Isabel FD1051 | 22:04

Isabel tries to intimidate Anni her vivacious Spanish. Anni is a very experienced and goes immediately to the attack, she must adapt to Isabel aggression.

2131 days ago
Andy vs. Kim-Ly FD1050 | 20:21
2131 days ago
Crystl vs. Isabel FD1036 | 20:01

From the beginning it is clear that experienced Crystl it will be not easy up against newcomer Isabel. Isabel has a big desire to win, but Crystl makes several submission.

2145 days ago
Emma vs. Chiara FD1004 | 22:59
2173 days ago
Edita vs. Chrissie FD1001 | 21:24

There's something about topless women in jeans, like they've been laboring hard all day in the sun, and they certainly have the tans to prove it.

2173 days ago
Donna vs. Sharon FD0980 | 25:33

Donna arrives to Sharon's country-house and gets out of her car, saying "where is that bitch?" She finds Sharon sitting outside and confronts her about hitting on her man at the disco.

2187 days ago
Eva vs. Chrissie FD0977 | 21:21

Eva storms onto Chrissie's countryside land, accusing Chrissie of having sex with her man. But Chrissie seems amused at Eva's paranoia, and the two begin pushing and exchanging jabs.

2193 days ago
Donna vs. Edita FD0959 | 19:37

Edita is the most experienced of FD girls and never wants to lose. Edita starts to fight very hard and Donna gets angry. You will see how Donna will escalate her aggression, it is 100% reality.

2208 days ago
Edita vs. Denny FD0949 | 21:51
2215 days ago
Anni vs. Crystl FD0945 | 20:09

Fighting dolls October Event 2014

2222 days ago
Crystl vs. Linda FD0937 | 21:26
2229 days ago